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TEM / SEM Specimen Holders


Specimen holders to enhance the capabilities of your TEM or SEM. Compatible with most microscopes.

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Wildfire In Situ Heating Holder

Transfer Holders

Gatan Else

  • Cryo-Transfer 
  • Vacuum Transfer

Other Holders

Analytical TEM holders

  • Analytical 
    EDS at ambient temperatures
  • Tomography
    High tilt & dual orientation
  • Multiple Samples

Ancillary Systems

Gatan Turbo Pumping Station

  • Turbo Pumping Station
    Vacuum storage for holders & samples; Regenerate cryo-specimen holders
  • Anti-Contaminators
    Minimise contamination inside your TEM

Software Control

Gatan In-Situ Explorer Software

About Gatan

GatanGatan is the world’s leading manufacturer of instrumentation and software to enhance the operation and performance of electron microscopes. Gatan systems are fully compatible with almost all electron microscopes. The range covers the complete microscopy workflow – from sample preparation and manipulation to imaging and analysis.

Why Choose Gatan?

  • Worldwide leader in systems for EM
  • Over 50 years experience
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