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BioSoft In-Situ Indenter

Bruker Hysitron

Hysitron BioSoft In-Situ Indenter

Biomaterials Testing System for Optical Microscopes

The Bruker Hysitron BioSoft In-Situ Indenter is a unique, multi-scale quantitative mechanical testing system.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of biomaterial mechanics with synchronised mechanical and optical characterisation.

  • Add bio-mechanical testing capabilities to your laboratory
  • Test biological materials and soft specimens eg hydrogels
  • Compatible with upright and inverted optical microscopes
  • Compact, portable system

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Bruker Hysitron BioSoft In-Situ Indenter


  • Biological materials and biomatter
  • Soft materials eg hydrogels


  • Powerful bio-mechanical testing
  • Synchronised mechanical and optical characterisation
  • Expand your in-house testing capabilities

Characterise biomaterials

Biomatter modulus: Characterisation spanning 6 orders of magnitude

Characterise Soft Biomaterials

Perform quantitative mechanical property measurements at the sub-cellular to tissue level, on soft biomaterials and biomatter. BioSoft is a first of its kind instrument, uniquely combining force sensitivity and displacement range.

  • Built on decades of knowledge of biomatter nanomechanical testing
  • Understand the mechanics of soft matter
  • Streamlined, straightforward workflow – acquire results quickly and easily.

Application Notes

In-Situ Optical Imaging

Position mechanical tests precisely, with in-situ optical imaging