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InstraSpect 360

Bruker Hysitron

Bruker Hysitron IntraSpect 360

In-situ mechanical property characterisation for X-ray microscopes and beamlines

The Hysitron IntraSpect 360 is an in-situ mechanical test instrument for  X-Ray microscopes (XRM) and beamlines, for quantitative mechanical property characterisation.

Perform a variety of mechanical tests including:

  • Indentation
  • Compression
  • Fatigue
  • Bending

The mechanical data can then be correlated to 2D or 3D images from your microscope, for studying material deformation, fracture and failure analysis eg crack propagation at the fibre-matrix interface, or void behaviour in weld joints.

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Hysitron IntraSpect 360


  • Composites
  • Ceramics
  • Metals
  • Natural / biological materials
  • …and more


  • In-situ nanomechanical testing for XRMs and synchrotron beamlines
  • Correlated 2D or 3D imaging and mechanical data
  • Indentation, compression, fatigue and bend tests
  • Seamless, unobstructed view of the sample

Technical Details

  • Seamless X-ray transparent window for unobstructed imaging
  • Up to 10N of maximum force and 80μm of displacement
  • Industry-leading transducer technology for stability

The IntraSpect 360 has a unique piezoelectric load cell and Hysitron’s reliable three plate capacitive transducer technology. This gives you a significant increase in displacement range, while still maintaining a very low noise floor. This exclusive design generates very little heat, giving you the best stability when in contact with the sample. This is especially important for exeperiments involving long data acquisition times, such as computed tomography (μCT). Studies as long as 168 hours have been performed successfully with Hysitron’s reference frequency correction technique.