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Bruker Dual Port METALJET

Bruker SAXS

Nordic RegionDual Port METALJET

Combined XRD and SAXS with the brightest X-ray beam available

Dual port METALJET is a configuration of Bruker’s powerful X-ray source, with both XRD and SAXS. Optimise your protein X-ray diffraction (PX) and small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments with METALJET, the brightest X-ray source available for home labs.

  • X-ray diffraction(XRD): D8 VENTURE with METALJET and PHOTON II detector is an in-house system for X-ray crystallography capable of synchrotron quality data.
  • Biological SAXS: Compact, high-performance NANOSTAR system – quantitatively combine your SAXS data with structural information from other techniques including crystallography, NMR and molecular dynamics.

Upgrade Flexibility

The dual-port configuration can be implemented with a single end station. This gives you the flexibility to upgrade easily if your needs change and you require a second port in future.

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Bruker Dual Port Metaljet


  • Structural biology
  • Proteins
  • Crystallography


  • Brightest X-ray source available for the home lab
  • Synchroton quality data
  • Combine data for new insights
  • Flexible upgrade options


  • METALJET X-ray source and HELIOS MX multilayer focusing optics
  • Patented low-figure-error optics optimised for the brilliance of the METALJET
  • Fast KAPPA goniometer with small sphere of confuion
  • PHOTON II, large, air-cooled photon-sensitive detector
  • High quality, performance and reliability
  • Compact unit
  • Comprehensive software for macromolecular crystallography and protein diffraction
  • Dual-port configuration seamlessly integrates with NANOSTAR for biological SAXS


  • METALJET X-ray source and HELIOS P optics for unmatched brightness and highest quality beam possible in the home laboratory
  • Scatterless pinholes for high flux and low parasitic scattering (SCATEX)
  • Largest photon-counting detector for the best signal-to-noise ratio (VÅNTEC-2000)
  • Powerful, easy-to-use software for macromolecular SAXS (SCÅTTER)
  • Best angular resolution for low Qmin
  • Compact system
  • Dual-port configuration with seamlessly integrates with D8 VENTURE for crystallography