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Advanced STEM Detectors

Advanced STEM detectors: HAADF, ADF and BF/DF  detectors for EELS. Maximise electron collection with specially optimised detectors, to gain greater insights into your sample’s chemical and compositional properties.


Optimised angles for EELS

Gain an enhanced understanding of your sample’s chemical and compositional properties.

Calibrated output

Low noise

With broad range.

Compatible with Gatan cameras

Seamless data collection


  • Optimised detectors for precise collection of electrons:
    • Forward scattered electrons—EELS signal (0 to β), collection angle β regulated by STEM camera length
    • Medium-angle electrons—Advanced BF/DF STEM detector (~β to 2x β)
    • High-angle electrons—HAADF detector (~2x β to 7x β)
  • Absolute intensity measurements with detector offset and system gain calibration
  • Low noise electronics and scintillator/photomultiplier tube (PMT) based design
    • Detect single electrons at low fluxes
    • Record high signal-to-noise ratio images at typical fluxes
  • Optimise contrast in real time with automated PMT gain selection
  • Remote operation with software controlled detector gain and insertion
  • One-click switching from dark field to bright field STEM mode (model 807)
  • Integrates with Gatan EELS systems
  • Upgrade your existing STEM system: Compatible with Gatan cameras and DigiScan II

Gatan advanced STEM detectors work with EELS systems to collect the whole angular range of scattered electrons seamlessly. For EELS mapping and STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy) imaging, it’s vital to control the detector angle for collecting and interpreting data effectively.


  • EELS (Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy)
  • HAADF (High-Angle Annular Dark Field)
  • ADF (Annular Dark Field)
  • BF/DF (Bright and Dark Field)

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