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Bruker Dimension FastScan Bio
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The Bruker Dimension FastScan Bio  is an easy-to-use Atomic Force Microscope for high-resolution research into biological dynamics, with temporal resolution of up to 3 frames-per-second for live sample observation.

Atomic force microscopy is increasingly relevant in life science research, due to its nanoscale imaging capabilities and the physical interaction between probe and sample.

Dimension FastScan Bio is based on technology from the world’s most advanced large-sample AFM platform, Dimension FastScan™, with additional features specifically for life science research. Observe interacting molecules, membrane proteins, DNA protein binding, inter-cellular signalling and many other dynamic biological studies in real-time and high resolution. The innovative design of Bruker probes, with unique cantilever shape and coating provides an uprecedented combination of imaging speed and softness.


World’s fastest and highest resolution biological AFM imaging

Real-time biological dynamics

With molecular resolution.

Easy to use

Designed specifically for biological AFM studies.


Tools for Productivity

  • High speed scanning, with a seamless user interface for panning, zooming and continuous tracking samples in fluid to render faster results
  • Single-scan speed slider for easy, immediate access to scan rate control, without complex multi-parametric adjustment
  • Identify features and track both trajectory of motion and rate of change
  • On-board data and image manipulation tools, to present the final data as high resolution AFM images or videos

Immediate Path to Data Collection on Live Samples

  • Smart Engage algorithms remove ambiguity from the experiment process and can accommodate commercially available or custom-made probes
  • Automated laser and detector alignment, with a comprehensive workflow for faster time to data
  • Quick sample engaging and immediate imaging

Optimise Biological AFM Studies

  • High speed scanning and immediate panning, zooming and continuous tracking of samples in fluid
  • Direct visualisation of biomolecules with an unprecedented combination of spatial and time resolution


 Molecluar biology

Molecular Biology

Image biomolecular structures in their native state with immediate speed adjustments, as well as pan and scan functions to identify the region of interest immediately and capture video. Dimension FastScan Bio delivers lateral resolution in the nanometer range and vertical resolutions in tenths of nanometers. Observe molecular motors at work with high scanning speeds. Options are available for single molecule spectroscopy, for a complete suite of high-resolution observation techniques.


 Membrane Dynamics

Membrane Dynamics

Studying biological membranes provides insights into molecular or cellular interactions outside their complex environments. Dimension FastScan Bio delivers higher AFM resolution and faster frame-rates than any other AFM, ideal for observing conformational changes in macromolecules.

The combination of Bruker’s Tapping mode and PeakForce Tapping technology that enables ScanAsyst, provides the ultimate AFM imaging system for biological samples. Data rendered with Dimension FastScan Bio demonstrates high sensitivity in force control at high scan rates without deforming lipid bilayer domains.


 Cell dynamics

Cell Dynamics

It’s now possible to image live cell interactions with nanometer resolution on time-scales relevant to dynamic cellular events. The image on the left is a section from the first high-resolution time sequence images of the native structure of a bacterial outer membrane, obtained directly on the surface of live Escherichia coli cells. The increased time resolution provided by Dimension FastScan Bio shows dynamic changes in the nanoscale structure of the outer membrane, in direct response to the AmP CM15, at timescales relevant to the mechanism of AmP-induced cell death (8 seconds per frame).

 Biomaterials and biotechnology

Biomaterials and Biotechnology

AFM is valuable for biomaterials and biotechnology applications, including implants, cell and tissue engineering, drug delivery development and pharmaceutical formulation. Bruker’s FastScan AFM and PeakForce Tapping modes, together with ScanAsyst provide the ideal AFM imaging capabilities for biological samples. FastScan Bio delivers higher resolution and faster frame rates than any other AFM available. The easy-to-use software features immediate speed adjustments and pan and scan functions for greater productivity. FastScan Bio AFM is ideal for the development and characterisation of biomaterials and biotechnology systems.


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