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Bruker Dimension FastScan
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The Bruker Dimension FastScan is the world’s fastest AFM. It delivers extremely fast imaging without loss of resolution, loss of force control, added complexity or additional operating costs. Acquire immediate images with the expected high resolution of a high-performance AFM, all with a single system.


Ultimate performance

On any AFM sample.

PeakForce Tapping

Highest resolution AFM imaging for specimens from soft biological samples to very hard materials.

High throughput

Fast scanning rates up to frames per second.

High resolution

With sub-nanometre noise levels.


  • Ultimate performance on any AFM sample
  • Fast high quality data rendering
  • Quantitative nanoscale material property mapping – more about Nanomechanics Lab…
  • Powered by Bruker’s PeakForce Tapping, which enables consistent, highest resolution AFM imaging for the widest range of sample types, from the softest biological samples to very hard materials.


  • Sample surveying – Explore unknown samples to understand heterogeneity, unique feature characteristics and mechanical properties.
  • Sample screening – Routine screening of known samples eg failure analysis or nanoscale quality control.
  • Sample dynamics – Resolve the time propagation of a nanoscale object or structure, as a function of external conditions or stimuli, whether physical or chemical.

Complete Range of AFM Modes

  • Material mapping
  • Electrical characterisation
  • Nanomanipulation
  • Heating and cooling

High Throughput

Work 100s of times faster, with fast scanning rates up to frames per second in air or fluid and automated laser and detector alignment. Built-in measurement automation software and high speed ScanAsyst provide exceptionally reliable and repeatable measurements.

High Resolution

Precise force control at the tip renders high resolution and long tip-life. Low-noise, temperature-compensated sensors in the scanners maintain sub-nanometer noise levels.

Enhanced Nanoscale Automation

Bruker’s new AutoMET™ software uniquely enables the combination of high-resolution AFM imaging with fast, automated metrology. It is easy to use and versatile, for critical-to-quality measurements in high-volume measurement applications. AutoMET includes an intuitive and simple recipe-writing environment that makes it easy to reduce complex measurement routines to simple, push-button operations.

High Performance on Any AFM Sample

Closed-loop Icon and FastScan scanners keep vertical noise below 30pm and 40pm respectively, as well as high accuracy with ultra-low drift. Sample from subnanometer to hundreds of nanometers in height without loss of resolution.


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