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Bruker SkyScan 1278
Bruker Micro-CT

The Bruker SkyScan 1278 is an XRM (X-Ray Microscopy aka micro-CT) system for in vivo imaging of small animals and studying physiological responses to disease and regenerative medicine. It’s the world’s fastest low dose, high resolution micro-CT.

  • Low radiation dose.
  • Mouse heart/lung images without contrast agents.
  • Full body scans in 8 seconds or less.
  • Breathing and heartbeat gating for synchronised acquisition.


Low radiation dose

Reduces associated complications

Fast, sensitive flat panel detector

80 x 80mm field of view in a single scan

World's fastest low dose, high resolution micro-CT

Full body scans in <8 seconds

Breathing and heartbeat gating


Reduced Radiation Dose

The SkyScan 1278 is designed to minimise radiation levels to reduce the risk of associated complications, while still delivering high quality images. A new micro-CT spiral beam shaper reduces the absorbed dose by up to 5x.


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