Micro-CT in the Food Industry

X-ray micro-computed tomography (╬╝CT) is a non-destructive technique for studying internal micro-structure in 3D – with sub-micron resolution. It’s also known as X-Ray Microscopy (XRM).

In the food industry, you can investigate the relationship between structure and properties in product development, as well as gaining insights into shelf life, etc. Analyse samples of any shape, including delicate foods, with little to no sample preparation.

Microtomography Scan of a Lemon

See how micro-structure relates to food properties


Micro-CT can be used to measure and investigate these and much more:

Food Industry Areas

  • New product development
  • Reformulation trials
  • Food product changes over time
  • Shelf life determination
  • Packaging (including defects)


  • Porosity/ density
  • Bubble size and distribution
  • Fine walls in bakery products

Structure and Texture

  • Structural characterisation
  • Texture
  • Effects of processing
  • Effects of ingredients and additives on structure
  • Expansion and cracks – with sub-micron resolution
  • Distribution of particles
  • Moisture migration
  • …and more
Micro-CT scan of a lemon
Micro-CT scan of a lemon – taken with the Bruker SkyScan 1275 self-optimising scanner.
Investigate the structure of baked and fried goods, like this twist snack. Scanned by Alix Cornish, Campden BRI.
Micro-CT scan of a pepper
Pepper scanned with the Bruker SkyScan 1272

How Campden BRI use Micro-CT

Crisp micro-CT
Micro-CT scan showing the micro-structure of a crisp (potato chip), scanned with micro-CT. You can analyse all kinds of micro-structural elements that affect the texture and flavour of foods, including oil and water droplets, fibres, fat, ice crystals and bubbles.
Coffee Bean - Micro-CT Scan
Take virtual slices through objects – like this coffee bean. Taken with the Bruker SkyScan 1272.

Micro-CT on Euronews

Stress-Testing Seeds

Europe’s news network Euronews featured how micro-CT is used to analyse how seeds respond to stress tests, in order to select seeds that produce the maximum yield.

Bruker XRM Instruments

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Bruker SkyScan 1275 Micro-CT

Bruker SkyScan 1275

Fast, self-optimising benchtop XRM scanner. High quality scans at the press of a button.

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Bruker Skyscan 1272

Bruker SkyScan 1272

Sub-micron resolution from a benchtop X-Ray Microscopy system. World’s first scanner with >200Mp in each cross-section.

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Bruker SkyScan 2214

Bruker SkyScan 2214

Multi-scale nano-CT for the widest range of object sizes/ resolutions.

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