Automated Micro-CT with the Bruker SkyScan 1272

X-ray micro-computed tomography (μCT) gives you 3D insights into your sample, so you can view the complete internal structure of your material. The Bruker SkyScan 1272 is a high resolution, desktop μCT scanner, with automated features to make 3D X-ray imaging easier and more accessible.

Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Bruker Micro-CT in the UK and Nordic region. For advice on the best system for your research, please get in touch.

Bruker SkyScan 1272

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Bruker Skyscan 1272

What Can you Analyse?

Micro-CT is suitable for samples of any material, any shape and any size. There’s little to no sample preparation, and it’s a non-destructive technique. These are a selection of example applications – if yours isn’t mentioned, please get in touch!

Polymers & Composites

  • Resolve fine structures, with voxel sizes down to 0.35 μm
  • Assess micro-structural composition, architecture and porosity
  • Quantify defects, fibre thickness and orientation

Geology, Oil & Gas

  • Measure pore network properties, grain size and shape
  • Calculate distribution of mineral phases in 3D
  • 3D renderings of precious samples, eg archeological artefacts
  • Analyse dynamic processes
  • More about micro-CT in geology…


  • In-situ analysis of mechanical properties and dynamic processes
  • Quantify porosity, pore network properties and local thicknesses in 3D
  • Detect inhomogeneities and deviations in the printing process

Pharmaceuticals & Packaging

  • Measure coating thickness
  • View distribution of active ingredients
  • Check mechanical properties and defects
  • Analyse pharmaceutical packaging (up to 7 cm x 7 cm x 7 cm)
  • Monitor the quality of metal and plastic components
  • Micro-CT in pharmaceuticals webinar…


If you’re new to micro-CT, measurement parameters can be optimised automatically with Genius-Mode:

  • Magnification
  • Energy
  • Filter
  • Exposure time

If you have experience with micro-CT, there’s also the option to adjust individual settings as you need to; you can use as much or as little automation as you wish.

Micro-CT sample changers

External sample changer, so you can add samples during scanning.

Sample Changer

A 16-position sample changer is available. Together with Genius-Mode, this means you can automatically scan multiple sample types, objects and materials, all with different protocols.

There are three modes when using the sample changer:

  1. Fully automatic
    Simply load the sample changer and select “Auto” mode. All scan settings are selected automatically by Genius-Mode. Samples can be left to run all day, all night or over the weekend. Reports are sent to you by email, with links to access your data remotely.
  2. User selected
    If you want more control, you can adjust scan parameters individually for just one, some or all 16 samples. Define your manual protocols, then initiate the batch and leave them to run.
  3. Prior selection
    Use the “Previous” command to assign the last settings, saving time if you often run similar samples with the same settings.

The sample changer operates outside the shielded X-ray chamber, so you prioritise and add samples into the running order without interrupting the current scan. New samples are detected automatically, and there are status LEDs at each position: ready, running, done.

Video of how the sample changer works

Micro-CT software

Intuitive software gives you a view of your sample

Automatically Optimising Parameters

Genius-Mode can select the optimum parameters for you, for the best results:

Best Scan Geometry

The SkyScan 1272 has a variable camera position and an extra large X-ray beam opening. This means that samples of different sizes can be moved closer to the source for greater intensity, speeding up the scan time and improving results. Genius-Mode automatically finds the Best Scan Geometry for you – as compact as possible with the largest magnification.

Best X-Ray Energy Window

To find the optimum X-ray energy window, the SkyScan 1272 automatically checks which of the six filters and X-ray energy is most suitable for your sample’s density. This gives you the clearest image contrast. As with all other parameters, these can also be adjusted manually when you need to.

Micro-CT image contrast

Filters and energy windows are selected automatically to give you the best image contrast.

Best Scan Conditions

Exposure time and rotation steps are selected automatically, to give you the best results. For absolute highest resolution, use the integrated micro-positioning stage and insert the sample manually

World’s Fastest Image Reconstruction

High resolution 3D images require extremely large datasets. 3D  renders are recontructed from 2D projection images, which usually requires extreme amounts of computational power. Traditionally this causes huge bottlenecks in the micro-CT imaging workflow.

The Bruker SkyScan 1272 uses InstaRecon, which gives you the fastest image reconstruction possible, with just a single computer – up to 100 times faster than conventional software. It’s based on patented algorithms. Rather than adding more and more hardware for extra power, it uses a new reconstruction engine for optimised computation and much faster reconstruction.

Faster micro-CT image reconstruction

InstaRecon speeds up image reconstruction dramatically, using just a single PC (click to enlarge).

Further Information

Blue Scientific is the official UK and Nordic distributor for Bruker’s range of micro-CT systems. For more information or advice about which is most suitable for your research, just get in touch:

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Bruker SkyScan 1272