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JPK NanoWizard Sense

Bruker JPK

NanoWizard Sense

Entry-level AFM with full upgrade options for the future

The Bruker JPK NanoWizard Sense is the perfect system for starting out in high-end AFM. It’s solid and budget-friendly, and can be upgraded over time to the full NanoWizard 4 system.

  • High resolution imaging in air and liquid
  • Combine AFM and optical microscopy easily with features for precise data correlation
  • Analyse single molecules and living cells
  • Flexible, modular platform; tailor to your application with specific add-ons
  • Characterise mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic and chemical properties
  • Cell injection and manipulation with state-of-the-art FluidFM cantilevers (optional)

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Bruker JPK NanoWizard Sense

NanoWizard Sense AFM Examples

Zeolite crystal in liquid, DNA in buffer and a SOAS living cell (click to enlarge)


  • Imaging in air and liquid
  • Single molecules to living cells
  • Characterise mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic and chemical properties


  • Starter system for high-end AFM
  • Fully upgradable
  • Choose accessories to suit your research

JPK AFm Accessories


The NanoWizard Sense is extremely flexible. Tailor the platform to your needs with a wide range of optional accessories:

  • OT-AFM Combi-System ConnectorStage
    Combines AFM and op­ti­cal tweez­ers for 2D and 3D force mea­sure­ments
  • CellHesion module
    Adhesion force measurements
  • BioMaterials Workstation BioMAT
    Combines an upright optical microscope and AFM for opaque samples
  • 3D print
    Freefor all JPK users – export your AFM images for 3D printing
  • QI Advanced mode
    Measure adhesion, stiffness, dissipation and more while scanning
  • ExperimentPlanner
    Design advanced experiments, controlling all external parameters
  • Advanced Force Spectroscopy module
    For advanced force measurement experiments from single protein unfolding, DNA stretching to probing of cells and tissue.
  • NanoLithography/ NanoManipulation module
    Software module
  • CoverslipHolder with electrical sample connection
    For electrical measurements (eg Conductive AFM or STM) on a coverslip with high NA optics.
  • Electrical sample connection module
    For conductive samples eg AFM metal stubs
  • Kelvin Probe (KPM) and Scanning Capacitance (SCM) Microscopy module
    For mapping surface potential distribution at the nanoscale
  • Conductive AFM (CAFM) module
    Conductivity and I/V measurements
  • Conductive AFM module – enclosed volume
    For experiments in inert atmosphere, and conductivity and I/V measurements in controlled environmental conditions
  • TC-CAFM module
    Tunneling Current Conductive AFM for low-conducting samples
  • Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM) module
    Fits directly onto the NanoWizard head
  • High Voltage Sample Bias Amplifier
    For biasing a sample, for electro-optical experiments and Piezo-Response Force Microscopy
  • Force Wheel
    Handheld accessory for sensitive experiment control

  • StretchingStage
    Add mechanical loads up to 200N
  • StretchingStage for higher forces
    Higher mechanical loads up to 5000N – 10000N
  • HybridStage
    Automated sample property mapping over a large range for structured substrates, microspheres, cells, etc
  • Motorised precision stage
    Automatic motion control for precise sample positioning
  • Head-up stage
    For tall samples up to 140mm
  • Standard stage
    Fine motion control for positioning the AFM tip and sample
  • Holder for large samples
    Suitable for microchips, wafers and other larger samples
  • Cantilever holders
    • Standard holder for all-round applications with a wide field of view
    • Supercut version for air and liquids with a removable cantilever spring for cleaning
  • Side-view cantilever holder
    For use with inverted optical microscopes
  • Cantilever holders for electrical and magnetic experiments
    With electrical tip connection, and a magnetic field cantilever holder for magnetic actuation
  • BioCell for AFM
    Coverslip-based fluid cell for live cell imaging and single molecule fluorescence with temperature control and perfusion
  • CoverslipHolder
    Closed liquid cell with standard coverslip bottom
  • PetriDishHeater
    For live cell imaging
  • SmallCell
    For small volumes of <150µl and <60µl
  • High Temperature Heating Stage
    For polymer science and phase separation studies
  • Heating Cooling Module
    Heating and cooling in gas or liquids
  • Heating Cooling Stage
    For air or liquids from 0°C – 100°C
  • CryoStage
    Cooling down to -120°C
  • ECCell
    For transparent or non-transparent substrates
  • HCS with electrochemistry cell
    Electrochemistry with heating and cooling

  • Potentiostats
    Third party potentiostats for electrochemistry
  • Vibration isolation systems
    From third parties
  • Acoustic enclosure
    Acoustic hood with temperature control option
  • Base for acoustic enclosure
    Base frame with top plate for stability
  • Raman reflector kit
    Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering (upright-TERS) on opaque samples
  • Upright Fluorescence Microscope (UFM) Kit
    Combines AFM with upright fluorescence zoom microscopy
  • TopViewOptics
    For non transparent samples and substrates eg HOPG, mica, ceramics and metals
  • TopViewOptics for inverted optical microscopes
    Also works with the JPK BioMAT
  • TopViewOptics with boom stand
    For non-transparent samples and substrates eg HOPG, mica, ceramics and implants. Compatible with inverted microscopes.
  • FluidFM Add-on from Cytosurge
    Handle femtoliter-scale liquid volumes easily
  • Sample holder for small samples
    Adaptor for standard sample holders
  • Cable anchorage pillow
    Fix cables to reduce noise coupling
  • Cantilever changing tool
    Probe loading station
  • Bio-compatible glue
    Fix cantilevers and samples (easy removable)
  • Syringe pumps
    From World Precision Instruments (WPI)
  • Fluidics Module
    Up to 8 different liquids including buffer solutions
  • Cantilever shop
    Cantilevers for standard contact, AC mode, high-resolution EBD tips, chemically functionalised cantilevers, test grids, substrates and more
  • CCD, EMCCD and CMOS cameras
    From all major manufacturers
  • Modular glove boxes
    Control the environment
  • Scanning Thermal Microscopy module (SThM)
    Simultaneous nanoscale thermal and contact mode imaging

AFM Modes (Included as Standard)

  • Contact mode with lateral force microscopy (LFM)
  • AC modes with Q-control
  • Phase detection
  • Force spectroscopy (air and liquid)
  • Static and dynamic spectroscopy and mapping

Optional Modes

  • QI and QI Advanced mode for quantitative imaging of mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties
  • MFM and EFM
  • SECM (Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy)
  • Conductive AFM
  • STM
  • Piezo-Response Microscopy
  • Electrical spectroscopy modes
  • Electrochemistry with temperature control and optical microscopy
  • NanoLithography and NanoManipulation
  • ExperimentControl feature for remote experiment control
  • JPK ExperimentPlanner for designing a dedicated measurement workflow
  • JPK RampDesigner for custom designed force curve segments for clamp and ramp experiments
  • Nanoindentation
  • Scanning Thermal AFM
  • Environmental control options
  • DirectOverlay for combined AFM and optical microscopy
  • Additional z stage with CellHesion module

Combined AFM and Optical Microscopy

JPK’s DirectOverlay feature makes it easy to combine AFM and optical microscopy, with precise data correlation.

Using AFM simultaneously with optical microscopy gives you complementary information about your sample. You can use a variety of contrast methods including optical phase contrast, DIC and VAREL contrast. In addition to this, fluorescence techniques such as epi-fluorescence, confocal microscopy, TIRF, FRET, FCS, FLIM, STORM/PALM, STED can provide insights into the behaviour and location of particular molecules.

JPK DirectOverlay

Alexa555-labeled Rad51 proteins bound to DNA

Perfect Overlays

  • Optical and AFM data are correlated with sub-diffraction limit precision.
  • Software for direct optical image navigation and selecting AFM measurements (imaging and force curves) .
  • Optical navigation to specific regions of interest, even without AFM scanning. This protects functionalised tips for molecular recognition and prevents tip passivation from image scanning before the force measurements.
  • Dramatic reduction of overview image scanning in AFM, giving faster results and lower tip contamination

DirectOverlay Technical Note

Integrating Optical & Atomic Force Microscopy