Single Cell Experiments with the Cytosurge FluidFM and Bruker JPK BioAFM

The Cytosurge FluidFM is now available as a fully integrated solution for Bruker JPK BioAFMs, including the NanoWizard range. This enables extremely precise techniques on single cells, including adhesion measurement and injection, as well as spotting, nano-printing, colloidal force spectroscopy and more.

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Cytosurge FluidFM

The FluidFM ADD-ON from Cytosurge is now available as a fully integrated solution for Bruker JPK BioAFMs, including the NanoWizard range.

This enables force measurements on cells and bacteria down to picoNewton level and gives you sub-nm position accuracy in xy and z.

Bruker JPK FluidFM
Cytosurge FluidFM installed on a Bruker JPK NanoWizard AFM


  • Combine with inverted optical microscope techniques including phase contrast, fluorescence, super-resolution microscopy.
  • Low liquid flow rates down to just a few femtoliter/sec.
  • Pressure range of -800 to 1000 mbar to suit a variety of applications.
  • Navigate easily and correlate data with JPK’s new DirectOverlay™ 2 feature.
  • Synchronise force, contact time, pressure and pressure duration with JPK’s RampDesigner™ software tools.


  • Single cell picking and isolation
  • Single cell injection and extraction
  • Single cell, bacteria, microbe and yeast adhesion
  • Colloidal force spectroscopy
  • Spotting
  • Nanoprinting

How Does it Work?

The Cytosurge FluidFM system includes a FluidFM probe, a AFM specific probe holder, pressure control, pump unit and software. It’s available as an add-on for all Bruker biological AFMs including BioScope Resolve, and can now also be fully embedded into JPK BioAFMs as a completely integrated system.

The FluidFM probes have a force-sensing, micro-machined cantilever with an inner capillary channel and a fluidic pressure control system. This enables suction and precise, localised injection.

Nanofluidics Micropipette
FluidFM probes combine nanofluidics with force microscopy

FluidFM probes can operate at a liquid flow rate down to <femto-litre/second. The pressure range can be adjusted using the software from -800 to 1000 mbar.

The probes are available in various sizes, types and stiffness for different applications, including single cell manipulation and adhesion, nano-printing, spotting, bacterial cell adhesion and cell injection/extraction.

Single Cell Manipulation

The FluidFM system can be used to pick up cells or particles to move them around. Or you can maintain the suction, to use the object as a probe. This is useful for cell adhesion measurement.

Living Cell Force Mapping
Picking up a bead for force mapping on living cells.
a, b,c = Phase contrast images of live vero cells.
d = Optical image overlaid with a height map.
e, f = Height and stiffness map of two cells.

Cell Injection

The FluidFM probe can be filled with a solution, that you can then inject into a cell. This means you can target individual cells with markers and localised drug delivery. You can then monitor how this affects topography, elasticity and adhesion.

In the example below, a fluorescent marker was injected into individual live cells to stain the DNA and visualise the nucleus.

Living Cell Injection
Injecting a marker into living cells.
a = Phase contrast image.
b = Fluorescent image after injection.
c = Force distance curve during injection.
d = Overlaid phase and fluorescence images showing the nucleus.

Cell Extraction

Intracellular content can be extracted from living cells. With the bioAFM, you can position the probe extremely precisely and observe the whole process in real time.

This is possible due to extremely sensitive and precise control of the pressure, force and positioning.

The volume of extracted material can be controlled down to less than a femto-litre. This method is much gentler, extremely precise and more controlled than traditional micropipette techniques, for a better cell survival rate.

More Information

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