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Bruker Dektak XTL

Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland only

Bruker Dektak XTL

Gage-Capable QA/QC Stylus Profiler

The Bruker Dektak XTL stylus profiler delivers accurate, repeatable and reproducible metrology for a wide range of applications. Test samples up to 350mm x 350mm, including 200mm and 300mm wafers.

Ideal for the Production Floor

The Dektak XTL has a small footprint and integrated isolation with interlocking doors, ideal for production floor environments. It is highly automated, with dual-camera architecture for enhanced spatial awareness. Bruker’s production software, with optional pattern recognition, makes data collection intuitive and repeatable, minimising operator-to-operator variability.

The Bruker Dektak XTL is ideal for industrial thin film deposition monitoring in the touch-panel, solar, flat panel display and semiconductor industries, for both research and QA/QC.

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Bruker Dektak XTL

Bruker Dektak XTL stylus profiler


  • Industrial thin film deposition monitoring
  • Touch panels, solar, flat panel displays and semiconductors
  • R&D and quality control


  • Dual camera control for fast and easy measurement set-up
  • Robust automation
  • Easy analysis routines and recipes

Critical Results for Large Format Applications

Bruker Dektak XTL production software

Bruker Dektak XTL production software


  • Step height for deposited thin films (metals, organics)
  • Step height for resists (soft film materials)
  • Etching rate determinations
  • Chemical mechanical polishing (erosion, dishing, bow)

Large Substrate

  • Printed circuit boards (bumps, step heights)
  • Window coatings
  • Wafer masks
  • Wafer chuck coatings
  • Polishing pads

Glass Substrate and Displays

  • Step height measurements for LCD R&D
  • Film thickness measurements for touch panels
  • Thin film measurements for solar coatings

Flexible Electronic Films

  • Organic photo-detectors
  • Organic films printed on films and glass
  • Copper traces for touch screens