Upgrade your SC-XRD Detector: Bruker PHOTON II for D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE

Upgrading the detector on your SC-XRD system can enhance the performance your instrument for faster acquisition, higher quality data and lower running costs.

Here’s an overview of the latest PHOTON II CPAD detector, available for the Bruker D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction systems, as well as SMART APEX and KAPPA APEX. They’re available with new instruments and as upgrades for existing systems in your lab.

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Bruker SC-XRD range

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Enhance your SC-XRD Performance

Upgrading with Bruker’s new PHOTON II detector can modernise your diffractometer and dramatically enhance its performance. The latest CPAD technology significantly enhances performance beyond the capabilities of the previous APEX II CCD detector.

3D Diffraction Image
3D diffraction image of a transition metal complex (3 seconds exposure).


The Bruker PHOTON II is available for these SC-XRD systems, both with new instruments and as an upgrade:

We’re available to advise about upgrade compatiblity, so if you have any questions please get in touch.

For SMART APEX and KAPPA APEX owners, if you decide to upgrade later to a D8 QUEST or D8 VENTURE, the PHOTON II detector can be transferred to your new instrument, reducing the cost in future.

Bruker PHOTON II SC-XRD Detector
There are two models offering a choice of sizes.

Shutterless Data Collection

Shutterless mode gives you better data, in a faster timeframe. Data is collected while the sample rotates continuously. This eliminates overhead time and mechanical jitter, which can be a problem with stop-start shuttered-mode operation. Shutterless mode enables you to acquire data faster, with a higher level of quality.

Larger Active Area

The PHOTON II 7 detector has an active area of 70 cm², which is almost twice the size of the previous APEX II. The active area size is 10 cm × 7 cm. An even larger area is available with the PHOTON II 14 (10 cm x 14 cm).

This enables you to detect far more reflections in each frame. Data collection is faster, with higher redundancy data for higher quality structures.

With a single monolithic sensor, there are no gaps or dead spaces between modules. Data is collected more efficiently – ideal for shared facilities and service crystallography labs.

Optimised for Home Lab Wavelengths

The unique design of the PHOTON II 7 CPAD detector features an embedded scintillator, optimised for home laboratory wavelengths. This delivers the highest sensitivity and minimises parallax, giving you the performance necessary for weak intensities.

Lysozyme diffraction image
Lysozyme diffraction image, demonstrating the high spatial resolution and sensitivity of the PHOTON II.


The new detector is completely air-cooled. You no longer need a liquid chiller, so mechanical stress is reduced.

  • Improves stability and up-time
  • Lower cost-of-ownership and less maintenance
  • Better for the environment
Bruker PHOTON II Brochure

PHOTON II Brochure

The brochure provides lots more information about the PHOTON II, including specifications and the two models available:

More Information

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 Bruker SC-XRD range