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Drug Development

XRD in Drug Discovery and Development

An overview of how analytical X-ray technology is used in drug discovery and development, to provide high-resolution molecular structures.

Bruker Chaperone Crystallisation Kits

Faster 3D Structure Determination of Organics with SC-XRD

Determine absolute configuration of organics with SC-XRD, using Bruker Chaperone Crystallisation Kits for co-crystallisation of small, flexible organic molecules.

Bruker X-Ray Tubes

Bruker X-Ray Tubes Mid-Year Sale

For a limited time, there’s a discount on Bruker X-ray tubes for XRD, XRF and SC-XRD.

Bruker EIGER2 R 500K XRD Webinar

Pre-Owned XRD, XRF and Crystallography Instruments (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland)

A limited number of refurbished, ex-demo and pre-owned Bruker XRF, XRD and SC-XRD systems are available for sale.

Bruker IDEAL

Improved SC-XRD Models with Bruker IDEAL (Invariom Derived Electron AnaLysis)

How to achieve better crystallography models with IDEAL, part of Bruker’s APEX3 SC-XRD software, compared to standard IAM (Independent Atom Model).

Bruker SC-XRD Detectors

Upgrade your SC-XRD Detector: Bruker PHOTON II for D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE

Upgrading the detector on your SC-XRD system can enhance the performance your instrument for faster acquisition, higher quality data and lower running costs. Here’s an overview of the latest PHOTON II CPAD detector, available for the Bruker D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction systems, as well as SMART APEX and KAPPA APEX. They’re available with […]

Bruker SCOUT

SC-XRD Webinar: Automated Crystal Handling 11/10/18

Bruker SC-XRD webinar on 11 October 2018 about automated crystal handling in protein crystallography with the D8 VENTURE and SCOUT.

Structure Analysis with SC-XRD

X-Ray Crystallography Structure Analysis Webinar: Bruker IDEAL Software 10/07/18

Join Bruker for an SC-XRD webinar about how to collect better structure analysis data with their new IDEAL software module for APEX3.

Bruker Elemental Analysis

New Partnership with Bruker AXS – XRD, XRF, SC-XRD, SAXS & Micro-XT (Nordic Region)

Blue Scientific is now the exclusive distributor for Bruker AXS instruments in the Nordic region (Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden & Finland). The range includes XRD, XRF, SC-XRD, SAXS and X-ray micro-CT.