Electrochem 2015

Visit us at Electrochem 2015 at Durham University on 13-15 September 2015:

Electrochem 2015

Molecular materials in electrochemistry conference for science and industry, covering a cross-disciplinary range of fundamental and applied electrochemistry topics.


  • Nanoelectrochemistry: Dr Ben Horrocks and Prof Karl Coleman
  • Electroanalysis and Electrochemical Measurements: Prof Richard Compton and Dr Jay Wadhawan
  • Electrochemistry at Soft Interfaces: Prof Robert Dryfe and Prof Frank Marken
  • Fundamental Electrochemistry: Prof Frank Marken and Prof Phil Bartlett
  • Energy production and Storage: Dr Neil. Rees / Dr Dan .Brett / Dr Mohamed. Mamlouk
  • Electrochemical Processes, Sensing Systems and Materials: Prof Sudipta Roy, Prof Peter Fielden and Prof John Hart
  • Corrosion Symposium: Dr Julian. Wharton

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Plenary talks:

  • Prof Richard Crooks (Faraday Medal ): “Quantitative electrochemical detection of analytes at sub-picomolar levels using a simple paper sensor”
  • Prof David E Williams (Castner Medal): “From sensors to networks of low-cost instruments for air quality measurement”
  • Prof David E Williams (U.R.Evans Award): “Advancement of corrosion science through new experimental methods”
  • Prof Renata Bilewicz: “Lipidic cubic mesophase: confined nanoenvironment for drug delivery and sustained release”

Keynote Talks

  • Prof Pat Unwin: “Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy: An Electrochemical Nanotool for Soft Matter and More”
  • Prof David Fermin: “Transition Metal Oxide Nanoparticles as Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction”
  • Prof Eric Bakker: “Dynamic Electrochemistry at Membrane Electrodes”
  • Prof Rama Kant: “Does Electrode Disorder Matter?”
  • Dr Elizabeth Gibson: “Dye Sensitized Photocathodes for Solar Energy Applications.”
  • Prof Alain Walcarius: “Electrochemically-Assisted Self-Assembly of Vertically-Aligned and Functionalised Mesoporous Silica Films”
  • Julie Macpherson: “In-situ Electrochemical X-Ray Fluorescence: Direct Identification and Quantification of Trace Metals in Solution”
  • Andrew Cobley: “Ultrasonic Implementation in Industrial Processes”
  • Prof Karl Ryder: “Electrochemistry for Electrodeposition using DES”
  • Steffi Krause: “High-resolution Light-addressable Potentiometric Sensors based on Organic Monolayer Modified Silicon on Sapphire.”
  • Dr Andy J. Wain: “Combined Electrochemical-Topographical Imaging of Nanostructured Interfaces”
  • Prof Edward Roberts: “Electrochemical Treatment of Industrial Wastewater.”
  • Dr David Hall: “Towards the Commercialisation of Redox Flow Battery for Energy Storage”
  • Prof Ulrich Stimming: “A Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell at 250°C?”
  • N.S. Lawrence: Title TBC

Submit an Abstract / Poster

The deadline for oral presentation abstracts is 24th July 2015. Posters should be submitted by 14th August 2015.


Registration includes the welcome reception on Sunday, refreshments, lunch on Monday and Tuesday, and the conference dinner on Monday evening at Durham Castle.

The deadline for early bird registration is 31 July 2015. Registration closes on 1st September 2015.

 Contact us on 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com