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Hysitron TS77 Select

TS77 Select

Essential toolkit for quantitative nanoscale to microscale mechanical / tribological characterisation

The Bruker Hysitron TS 77 Select is a benchtop nanoindenter for nanomechanical and nanotribological testing. It offers an essential range of testing modes, with the highest level of performance, functionality and accessibility in its class. Based on Bruker’s established TriboScope capacitive transducer technology, this is an affordable entry into quantitative and dynamic nanoindentation, nanoscratch, nanowear and high-resolution mechanical property mapping.

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Hysitron TS77 Select Brochure

Bruker Hysitron TS 77 Select


  • Quantitative and dynamic nanoindentation
  • Nanoscratch
  • Nanowear
  • High-resolution mechanical property mapping
  • CMP pad testing – more details…


  • Entry-level nanoindenter with best-in-class performance.
  • Mechanical and tribological characterisation over nanometer-to-micrometer length scales.
  • Essential toolkit of testing modes.
  • Automated routines for mistake-free characterisation.
  • Based on established Bruker technology.


Precise Mechanical Characterisation

Characterise localised microstructures, interfaces, small surface features and thin films:

  • Elastic modulus
  • Hardness
  • Creep
  • Stress/relaxation,
  • Fracture toughness

In-Situ SPM Imaging

Topography imaging is performed with the same probe as nanomechanical testing, for high quality results, reliable data and nanometre precision test placement accuracy.

Fast Mechanical Property Mapping 

The TS 77 Select is up to 180x faster than traditional nanoindentation measurements. Two nanoindentation tests are performed per second, to build high resolution mechanical property maps of inhomogeneous materials in minutes.

Mechanical property mapping

Wear Testing

Measure quantitative wear volumes and removal rates as a function of applied contact force, sliding speed and number of passes. At this scale, you can measure the tribological performance of individual microstructures, interfaces and thin films.

Wear testing

Dynamic Nanoindentation (Optional)

Dynamic nanoindentation continuously measures hardness and modulus as a function of depth into a material’s surface. Results can be a function of testing depth, frequency and time.

It works by superimposing a small oscillatory force over a quasi-static force component. With the dynamic nanoindentation option, the controller electronics and capacitive transducer are specifically optimised for dynamic measurements to give you the best results.

Nanoscratch (Optional)

Nanoscratch applies a controlled, normal force while simultaneously measuring the force required to move the tip laterally across the surface. 

It uses uses an electrostatically actuated 2D transducer, which is more sensitive and reliable than motorised staging, for  the most sensitive and reliable nanoscale friction and thin film adhesion measurements possible.


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