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Bruker S2 POLAR
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The Bruker S2 POLAR is an EDXRF (Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence) spectrometer for the petrochemical industry. Measure multiple elements simultaneously, including all elements relevant to process control.

The S2 POLAR meets the analytical demands of refineries in one single instrument. It’s also suitable for lubricating oils and edible oils.


Industry specific

Designed for oil and petrochemicals.

Simultaneous, multi-element analysis

Performs the job of several single element analysers.

Less expensive alternative to WDXRF

Compliant with international standards

Exceeds all requirements for reliable quality control into the future.


The S2 POLAR combines the performance of several single-element analysers in a single benchtop instrument, giving you the functionality you need. Measure multiple elements simultaneously, including:

  • Measure P in crude oil and middle distillates
  • Detect catalyst residues (eg Fe, Ni and V) in refinery processes
  • S analysis from diesel to crude oils
  • Continuous process control of sulfur levels in refineries
  • Cl for corrosion prevention
  • Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) analysis of final products
  • Additives in lubricating oils
  • Elements in edible oils eg Mg, P, Ca

Sulfur Concentration

Sulfur concentration in automotive fuels is strictly regulated. The S2 POLAR can monitor Ultra-Low Sulfur (ULS) limits in diesel and gasoline, both in refineries and downstream supply chains including pipelines, terminals and petrol stations. High levels can also be measured in crude oil.

This is compliant with relevant international norms:

  • ASTM D7220, D4294
  • ISO 13032, 20847, 8754
  • IP 336, 496, 532
  • JIS K2541-4


The S2 POLAR is compliant with international S norms such as ASTM D7220, D4294 and ISO 13032. It exceeds the requirements of all relevant international standards, for ensure years of reliable quality control in future.

System components are protected from liquid spills and leaks, for maximum up-time and reliability.

Other Oil Applications

The S2 POLAR is ideal for quality control in:

  • Base oil production – For high product quality at the lowest production costs.
  • Lubricant and polymer blending – Ensure tight specifications are met.
  • Automotive oil analysis – Measure additives in base oils to optimize engine performance and lifetime.

Oil analysis is fully compliant with industry norms and the latest international regulations including ASTM D6481 and D7751. This includes the following elements:

  • P, S, Ca and Zn (ASTM D6481-14)
  • Mg, P, S, Cl, Ca, Zn and Mo (ASTM D7751-16)

With high sensitivity and precise results, you can rely on Bruker’s HighSense beam path and ULS detector. This cutting-edge technology gives you the lowest detection limits and optimum spectral resolution.

Ready to Go

“Ready-to analyse” solutions enable you to get to work straight away with minimal set-up time. Easy routines are available at the press of a button on the touchscreen, for multi-element analysis that’s full compliant with standards and regulations.


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