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DigiScan 3

The Gatan DigiScan 3 is a digital beam control and image processing system to enhance the photographic quality of your digital images. Use Gatan’s powerful DigitalMicrograph software for flexible image acquisition, signal-to-noise extraction and simultaneous acquisition from multiple channels.


Enhance the performance of your SEM

Flexible image acquisition controls

With DigitalMicrograph software

Excellent signal-to-noise extraction

Simultaneous acquisition

From multiple channels


  • Connects to virtually all SEM and STEM systems to provide a universal interface.
  • Optimise the image to fit the experiment – no compromises on quality with flexible scan and digitisation.
  • Low noise, fast imaging with differential analogue-to-digital or digital-to-analogue converter.
  • Simultaneous multiple signal acquisition and unique contrast modes.
  • Up to 20 configurable synchronous inputs: analog or pulse (4 as standard).
  • Adjust the pixel image size up to 32k x 32k.
  • Digitisation at 1, 2, or 4 bytes per pixel.
  • Pixel dwell time from 50 ns to 400 ms per pixel.


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