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K3 Camera

The Gatan K3 is a top of the range camera, setting a new benchmark for imaging performance for direct detection cameras. It’s optimised for demanding low-dose applications in both life science and materials science.

The K3 camera is Gatan’s highest specification real-time, single electron counting direct detection camera.



Top of the range camera

Large field of view

Fast imaging

1,500 frames per second

Low dose

For beam-sensitive materials

Electron counting

For higher image quality


  • Powerful in-line signal processing raises the DQE beyond the K2 camera
  • No need to save terabytes of raw frames, with optional inline, GPU-based motion correction
  • 1,500 full frames per second (3.75 times the speed of the K2 camera)
  • Choice of two models with different sensor sizes:
    • K3: Largest field of view with 24 megapixels (5,760 x 4,092). 1.6 times the size of the K2 camera.
    • K3 Base: Cost-effective model with 14 megapixels (3,456 x 4,096). Turn screening microscopes into data collection instruments.

If you already have a K2 camera with a K3 upgrade, you are eligible to get the GPU option for free.

Mapping the Coronavirus

The K3 camera was used to create the first 3D atomic-scale map of coronavirus – more info…

“We’d also upgraded our K2 detector to a K3 detector six months ago so for an average user like me, the key advantage here was the speed with which I could collect the movies. I think we probably doubled the number of movies that we could collect in a single day by moving from the K2 to K3. Also, just the physical parameters of the detector itself are larger – so if you’re trying to get a greater number of particles, this means you can collect fewer movies.”
Daniel Wrapp, University of Texas at Austin



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