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Trace Analysis of Geological Materials with XRF

Precise, accurate trace analysis of geological materials including rocks, minerals & soils with the Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2 WD_XRF & GEO-QUANT Traces, a dedicated solution package.

Analysing Geological Samples with WDXRF

Analysing Elemental Distribution in Rocks with XRF (Coltan)

How to analyse elemental distribution in rocks with XRF. In this case study we look at columbite-tantalite (coltan) in rocks from Canada, with the Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2 WDXRF spectrometer. Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Bruker XRF in the Nordic region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland). For more information or quotes, please get in […]

Iron Ore Grading

Iron Ore Grade Control with WDXRF – Fast & Accurate

A fast and accurate method for iron ore grade control, using the Bruker S8 TIGER WDXRF spectrometer and GEOQUANT.

Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2

New Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2 – WDXRF Elemental Analysis System

The new Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2 features new technology and updates, for WDXRF elemental analysis of materials in QC, industry and materials research.