New Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2 – WDXRF Elemental Analysis System

A new, updated version of the Bruker S8 TIGER WDXRF spectrometer (Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence) is now available. The Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2 is the most versatile WDXRF system available:

  • Advanced quantitative elemental analysis
  • Materials research in industry and academia
  • Materials quality control (QC)

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Faster and More Precise

New HighSense™ technology provides exceptional linear dynamic range.  This gives you greater precision for process and quality control in cement, minerals, mining, metals, glass and ceramics applications.

Measurement times are also significantly shorter than the original model, with a 25% improvement in time-to-result and higher sample throughput.

New HighSense X-ray optics deliver greater sensitivity and spectral resolution. This is useful in a range of applications including:

  • Recognition of foreign particles
  • Optimising of mineral beneficiation processes in mining
  • Material property analysis in metals, semiconductors and nanotechnology
High spatial resolution WDXRF

High spatial resolution

XRF high intensity mapping

High intensity mapping

XRF2 Small Spot Mapping

Generate detailed maps of elemental distribution in materials, with XRF2 small spot mapping. The 300µm spot size provides the highest spatial resolution available in WDXRF. This makes the S8 TIGER Series 2 ideal for QC labs, industrial and academic research and method development labs.

XRF2 mapping

XRF2 small spot mapping

Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2 Features

  • Easy-to-use, multilingual touchscreen.
  • Designed for high sample throughput.
  • Integrates easily into automated analytical laboratories.
  • SampleCare™ features increase uptime and keep operating costs low, by protecting system components from liquid petrochemical samples and powders.
The S8 TIGER Series 2 combines unequalled robustness and reliability with highest analytical performance, flexibility and application range in WDXRF. Its new HighSense technology allows tighter quality and process control, while the new XRF2 mapping tool benefits both R&D of new materials, as well as the optimization of industrial processes.
Dr. Kai Behrens, Bruker AXS

Blue Scientific is the official Nordic distributor for Bruker X-ray analysis instruments. If you have any questions or if you’d like a quote, please get in touch:

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 Bruker S8 TIGER Series 2

Touchscreen & easy sample access

Easy sample access and touchscreen control