UKSAF Summer Meeting – 1st July 2015

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UKSAF Summer Meeting 2015

The theme of the meeting is Analysis at the Industry/ Environment Interface. An exploration of the contribution of surface analysis to industrial and environmental improvement, remediation, energy efficiency and quality of life.

The world faces increasing challenges in terms of resource use, sustainable development, energy security and population growth. We all expect to enjoy the benefits of a western-style industrialised society, but with minimal environmental impact and continuing improvement in quality of life. UKSAF 2015 will provide a forum for discussion of the role of surface analysis in meeting technological and social needs in pursuit of these aims. Materials use, processing efficiency, non-conventional energy and environmental remediation will be explored.

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UKSAF Programme

  • Using surface analysis to probe surface reactions in corrosion and tribology
    Prof. Anne Neville School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds
  • Semiconductor surface physics, photovoltaics and 100% renewable energy by 2050?
    Dr Tim Veal Department of Physics and Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy,University of Liverpool
  • Laser surface treatment for advanced materials properties
    Prof. Jonathan Lawrence Laser Engineering and Manufacturing Research Group, University of Chester
  • XPS and ToF-SIMS analysis for degradation in next-generation solar cells
    Dr Jeff Kettle School of Electronic Engineering,University of Bangor
  • Real-time monitoring of surface processing using photoelectron spectroscopy
    Prof. Andrew Evans Department of Physics, Aberystwyth University
  • Development of nanocomposites for waste water remediation
    Dr Tom Scott Interface Analysis Centre, University of Bristol
  • Surface studies of anthropogenic carbon
    Prof. Graham Smith Department of Natural Sciences, University of Chester
  • U-based thin films for industrial applications
    Dr Anna Adamska Interface Analysis Centre, University of Bristol
  • Development of novel catalytic solutions applied to hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions
    Samuel Rowley-Neale Faculty of Science & Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan University
Semiconductor surface analysis

Nanoscale infrared spectroscopy of layers in a semiconductor device, using the Anasys nanoIR2

CasaXPS Workshop

Following the meeting, there will be a CasaXPS Workshop on Thursday 2nd July.


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The CasaXPS Workshop is free to attend.

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