Benchtop EPR with the Bruker e-scan

Benchtop EPR with the Bruker e-scan

EPR (Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, also known as Electron Spin Resonance) is a spectroscopic technique which detects unpaired electrons. EPR is the only method of scientific analysis that can directly and unambiguously detect free radicals.

The e-scan product line from Bruker is a series of easy-to-use, benchtop EPR spectrometers that make EPR technology more accessible, with analysers developed for specific, real-world applications.

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What is EPR?

EPR spectroscopy is the only technique for unambiguously detecting and quantifying unpaired electrons. These include:

  • Free radicals
  • Many transition metals
  • Defects in materials

Free radicals and transition metals are vital to many processes, including photosynthesis, oxidation/reduction, catalysis, and polymerisation.

EPR is relevant in a variety of fields, including medical science, biology, chemistry, physics, material science, archaeology and forensics. Most free radicals have damaging effects on their surroundings; they are involved in cancer, aging, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases. They can also contribute to degradation of material properties, eg brittleness and discolouration of polymers.

EPR is a versatile and non-destructive analytical method. It can be used to detect unpaired electrons in solids, liquids, gases, coloured and turbid solutions and cell suspensions. Data is acquired in a matter of seconds, with analysis providing useful information about the amount and identity of species present.

Benchtop EPR


Science / Research Applications

  • Free radical spin-trapping
  • Spin-labelling
  • Directly detect free radicals (antioxidant-derived, polymer and organic)
  • Monitor antioxidant activity
  • Detect ROS (O2 ●−, ● OH, H2O2, ONOO−), RNS (NO, NOHb) and S-centered radicals
  • Analyse ROS and Nitric oxide/Endothelium-derived relaxing factor in physiological samples
  • Forensic science
  • Archeological artefact dating
  • Monitor asphaltene radicals and vanadium content in crude oil


  • Shelf life analysis
  • Measure antioxidant levels

Alanine Dosimetry

  • Accurate dose measurement from either alanine film or pellet


  • Measure free radical srecombination during thermal annealing

Food and Feed

  • Analyse edible oils with forced oxidation assay
  • Pet food analysis
  • Free radical content in solid foods (using heptane extraction)
  • Antioxidant levels in tea, wine, coffee etc


  • Introduction to basic EPR spectroscopy
  • Analyse real life samples
  • Quantitative EPR experiments

Bruker e-scan EPR spectrometer

Bruker e-scan EPR spectrometer

The Bruker e-scan is a compact benchtop EPR spectrometer. A multi-purpose version is available, as well as dedicated analysers for specific real-world applications. The e-scan is a reliable EPR system, optimised for the best price-performance ratio.

  • Easy to use – Automatic acquisition schemes and data evaluation, with user-friendly software, requiring minimal training.
  • X-band research grade sensitivity
  • Permanent magnet for high quality results, without the need for cooling water
  • Robust – Suitable for laboratories and the factory floor
  • Reliable – Proven rock-solid 24/7 operation

e-scan Series

Multi-Purpose EPR – e-scanM

  • Suitable for research, quality control and education.
  • Automatic acquisition schemes, extensive data processing and efficient spectral simulations.
  • Easy to use and learn.

Alanine Dosimeter Reader – e-scanA

  • Complete quality control system for radiation processing.
  • Fast, accurate dose measurements across 3 orders of magnitude.
  • Bar-coded dosimeter film or pellet inserts for dose measurements from 20 Gy to 200 kGy.
  • CFR21 part 11 compliant software for validated, audit traceable operation.

Liquid and Beverage Analyser – e-scanB

  • Optimise oxidative shelf life in fermented beverages, juices and edible oils.
  • Automated sample handling and analysis.
  • Fully automated data acquisition, processing, reporting and storage.

Food Analyser – e-scanF

  • Detection irradiation in foods containing cellulose and bone.
  • Compliant with EU regulations.
  • Exchange sample inserts easily, with permanent reference marker.
  • Automatic sample ID, with customised barcodes.

Education – e-scanE

  • Developed specifically for teaching environments.
  • Suite of six experiments.
  • Includes directions for teaching common EPR data acquisition and processing methods.
  • Selection of samples included.

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Bruker e-scan

Bruker e-scan