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Measuring toxic elements with TXRF in the food industry

TXRF Webinar: Measuring Nutrients and Toxic Elements in Food and Beverages 08/12/16

Webinar from Bruker about measuring nutrients and toxic elements in food with TXRF.

Compact, entry-level EPR

Benchtop EPR with the Bruker e-scan

How EPR can be used in the laboratory and factory floor for specific, real-world applications. Easy-to-use EPR with the compact, benchtop Bruker e-scan.

Measuring droplet size distribution with TD-NMR

Measuring Droplet Size in Food Emulsions with TD-NMR

How to measure droplet size distribution in emulsions using TD-NMR, for applications in the food and cosmetics industries.

Shelf life of crisps and snack foods

Determine Food Shelf Life with TD-NMR

How to determine the shelf life of foods using TD-NMR analysis, using crisps and dried snack foods as an example.

Food industry TXRF

Trace Analysis for the Food Industry

Trace Analysis for the Food Industry TXRF (Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry) delivers multi-element trace analysis, with detection limits in the ppb and ppm range. The technique is extremely flexible and can be used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage analysis. Read on for more specific food industry applications; Blue Scientific is […]