New Bruker Q4 TASMAN Series 2 Spark-OES Metals Analyser

The Bruker Q4 TASMAN Series 2 is a new, high-performance spark-Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) for the metals industry. Here’s an overview of its new features for metals analysis.

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Bruker Q4 TASMAN Series 2

The Bruker Q4 TASMAN Series 2 is a high-performance spark-Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) for the metals industry (Fe, Al, Cu, Ni, Co, Mg, Zn, Sn, Pb, Ti). The new analyser extends Bruker’s line of benchtop OES systems, which are known for their reliability, outstanding analytical performance and low cost of ownership.

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Bruker Q4 TASMAN Series 2


The Q4 TASMAN Series 2 features an innovative new dual optics concept called MultiVision. This gives you the choice of three variants for your individual analytical requirements. It’s also more reliable, with low argon gas consumption for reduced cost of ownership.

Other New Features

  • Optimised digital spark source (SmartSpark).
  • Improved coaxial argon flow design for higher precision, long-term stability and shorter time-to-results.
  • Easy sample handling with a pneumatically-driven sample clamp on the spark stand.
  • Accepts a wide variety of samples.
Bruker Q4 TAMAN Optics
Transmission via optical fiber transfers emitted light into the no-purge UV/VIS optics.

Ready to Go with Analytical Packages

The analytical range has been extended to include new elements and alloy types.

Dedicated analytical solution packages are available for all ten common metal bases across the entire metals industry. These packages include full element sets, calibrations, alloy groups and standardisation samples.

With these packages the new system is ready-to-analyse, enabling you to collect reliable and complete analytical results straight away.


Bruker’s next generation OES software ELEMENTAL.SUITE version 3 provides a high degree of functionality. The powerful analysis viewer has convenient grouping and filtering tools. It’s easy to use; many useful features are only a click away:

  • Export results to LIMS or L2 systems.
  • Report generation.
  • Generate control charts.

Access the most comprehensive materials database, with more than 350,000 alloys from over 75 countries.

The feedback received from our pilot testers confirms that the Q4 TASMAN Series 2 with ELEMENTAL.SUITE achieves goals faster, easier, and more cost-effectively than ever before.
Dr. Peter Paplewski, OES Product Line Manager at Bruker


Bruker will be launching the new system in a webinar on Thursday 10th December 2020. They’ll introduce the new features and technical improvements, and how they benefit a range of metal applications, including iron and steel, aluminum, copper and further non-ferrous metals in the metal processing and foundry industry. Register for the webinar with Bruker’s online form and you’ll receive a link to attend:

More Information

Blue Scientific is the official distributor of Bruker OES in the Nordic region. If you’d like more information about the new system, or if you have any questions, please get in touch:

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 More about metals analysis with OES

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