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Category Archive for ‘TD-NMR’

Measuring droplet size distribution with TD-NMR

Measuring Droplet Size in Food Emulsions with TD-NMR

How to measure droplet size distribution in emulsions using TD-NMR, for applications in the food and cosmetics industries.

Shelf life of crisps and snack foods

Determine Food Shelf Life with TD-NMR

How to determine the shelf life of foods using TD-NMR analysis, using crisps and dried snack foods as an example.

Polymer Analysis with TD-NMR

Polymer Analysis with TD-NMR

Polymer Analysis with TD-NMR TD-NMR (time domain NMR) is a fast and reliable method of analysing the physical and chemical properties of polymers, plastics and rubbers. The technique can be used in all steps of production: Raw material / educt characterisation Polymerisation / reaction kinetics Raw / unmodified polymer analysis Final product analysis and quality control The […]

Bruker TD-NMR case studies - webinar

TD-NMR Case Studies

TD-NMR case studies about hydrogen content analysis in refineries and oil, moisture and protein content analysis in the food/feed industry. Watch recorded webinars from Bruker and find out more about TD-NMR (time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance) analysis. Hydrogen Content Analysis This webinar explains how TD-NMR works and how it is relevant in the refining industry, with case studies from customers about […]