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Introducing Bruker’s new Contour X-1000 3D Optical Profilometer

Introducing the next-generation 3D surface measurement solution from Bruker:  Contour X-1000 3D Optical Profilometer! This floor standing white light interferometer (WLI) is equipped with their exclusive interferometry technology and capable of complete automation. It can also: Extends the unmatched measurement and imaging capabilities Ensures extreme accuracy and reliability  Integrates Bruker’s most user-friendly measurement and analysis […]

The new NPFLEX-1000 by Bruker

We love a NEW product, don’t you? Introducing the new NPFLEX-1000 from Bruker This new optical profiler is a floor standing white light interferometer (WLI) that offers the most accurate and flexible solution for evaluating nano-to-macro features on large parts in precision machining. Designed to accommodate the widest variety of sample size and shapes with […]

How Can UWBG Analysis Benefit Your Research?

Ultra-wide bandgap (UWBG) semiconductors are garnering significant interest in the field of materials science due to their promising electrical and thermal properties. However, challenges persist in material quality and fabrication. This blog post will discuss the promise of UWBG semiconductors, the roadblocks to their implementation, and how analytical technologies – particularly cathodoluminescence (CL) – can […]

What is Micro-CT?

Micro Computer Tomography (Micro-CT) is a non-invasive imaging technique that produces 3D pictures of internal objects, such as organs or cells. This method is used in various materials science applications as it provides a solid understanding of a sample without the need for preparation and without causing damage to a sample. In this blog post, […]

Why the ChemiSEM is an Ideal Solution for Industry

The Axia ChemiSEM is a scanning electron microscope (SEM) that offers a new chemical and imaging analysis approach. It is designed for Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) analysis in a new and streamlined way. This blog post will look at why Thermo Scientific’s Axia ChemiSem is an ideal solution for industrial use. What is the ChemiSEM? […]

Bruker has introduced their new CellHesion® 300

Bruker has recently introduced their new CellHesion® 300, a technique for nanomechanical characterisation of biological samples and soft matter. It enables: Fast and easy characterisation of the structure  Morphology and biomechanical properties Quantification of cell-cell Cell-substrate interactions. CellHesion has marked a milestone in automation, ease of use and integration with optical microscopy for life science […]

Bruker have announced their new NanoWizard V NanoScience

Bruker have announced their new NanoWizard V NanoScience! The latest addition to the Bruker AFM family, the NanoWizard V NanoScience AFM enables the real-time investigation of dynamic structural changes and processes such as: Crystalization Growth  Melting  Domain building on samples ranging from polymers to solar cells Learn more: https://www.bruker.com/en/products-and-solutions/microscopes/materials-afm/jpk-nanowizard-v-nanoscience.html?utm_source=Act-on&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=2022+BioAFM+NW+V+NanoScience+Emailer

Gatan has shared their latest experiment!

Acquiring counted 4D STEM with the Gatan Metro Camera! Gatan has run their first experiment on the new Metro™ counting camera. This is a great tool for capturing 4D STEM data due to its low noise, size and speed. In this experiment they showed 4D STEM data from a BN sample, captured in 33 seconds […]

Thermo Fisher Scientific announce new infographic

Combine the power of SEM and XPS with the CISA Workflow! The Thermo Scientific™ CISA Workflow allows you to accurately add chemical information with high resolution from XPS to the structural information from the microscope. Utilising the CISA Workflow is beneficial to materials scientists who research a wide range of materials, including: Batteries Polymers Catalysts […]

Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp announce new product

Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp announce their new mIRage-LS sub-500nm IR spectroscopy system This new product combines Raman and co-located Fluorescence Microscopy with sub-micron IR in a single platform. It uniquely combines the benefits of fluorescence microscopy to support fast, easy targeting of molecular features of interest with sub-micron IR spectroscopy to characterise the molecular structure of […]