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Job Vacancy: Field Service Engineer (UK)

BlueScientific Ltd is a rapidly expanding business specializing in the sales and service of scientific instruments for research, development and process control applications in both academic and industrial markets. We are the authorized distribution and service partner for some of the World’s leading scientific instruments brands, including Bruker, Thermo Fisher and Ametek, employing staff throughout […]

Introducing Bruker’s new Contour X-1000 3D Optical Profilometer

Introducing the next-generation 3D surface measurement solution from Bruker:  Contour X-1000 3D Optical Profilometer! This floor standing white light interferometer (WLI) is equipped with their exclusive interferometry technology and capable of complete automation. It can also: Extends the unmatched measurement and imaging capabilities Ensures extreme accuracy and reliability  Integrates Bruker’s most user-friendly measurement and analysis […]

The new NPFLEX-1000 by Bruker

We love a NEW product, don’t you? Introducing the new NPFLEX-1000 from Bruker This new optical profiler is a floor standing white light interferometer (WLI) that offers the most accurate and flexible solution for evaluating nano-to-macro features on large parts in precision machining. Designed to accommodate the widest variety of sample size and shapes with […]

XRM for Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

XRM for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (X-Ray Microscopy / Micro-CT)

An overview of how XRM is used to examine tablets, coatings, packaging, failure analysis & more.