CTVox Micro-CT Volume Rendering Software: New Features

CTVox is Bruker’s micro-CT volume rendering software, compatible with all SkyScan micro-CT systems. It’s free for all Bruker micro-CT users. A new version’s just been released, with updated features that can be combined in new ways to display information from your scans and customise how they look.

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New Features in CTVox 3.3

Transfer Function Editor

The transfer function editor is a fast, flexible tool for creating images with vivid colour and texture, to reveal their features. You can map grey values in the volume dataset with the parameters of emission colour and opacity, through different components or channels.

If the colour channels are linked, two channels are available: L (luminescence or intensity) and opacity. A single colour can be applied by assigning a base colour. When applying different colours, 4 channels are available : R, G, B, and opacity. These channels can be combined, for various colour schemes and realistic visualisations.

A method note is available with full details of best practice with the transfer function editor.

Micro-CT in pharmaceuticals

Paracetamol tablet: The coating has been colour-coded to show thickness. 5 μm voxel size, 50 kV, no filter, sample size 11mm.

RGB Markers

Choose an RGB marker from the colour panel and place it at a specific point in the transfer function editor window. The R, G and B channel is then adjusted simultaneously to match that colour at the specific point. This makes it easy to assign colours where you want them, with a simple point and click technique. RGB markers can be created from any colour to customise your render. Using splines creates the smoothest results.


Multiple volumes can be loaded, and information about each is displayed in the Volume Manager panel. You can adjust these parameters for each volume:

  • Visibility
  • Label
  • Weight
  • Base colour
  • Cutting/clipping mode (NEW)

Cutting/clipping mode adjustment is a new feature. The effect can be set to cutting, clipping or neither, using a convenient dropdown menu, to display the volume as you need to.

Cutting and clipping enables you to assign different opacity and colour schemes to subvolumes representing 3D distribution of morphometric parameters. Different parts of the dataset can also be displayed with varying opacity and colour, by loading the same volume twice.

Micro-CT Subvolume Rendering

Glass fibre: Subvolumes are shown with different colours and clipping/cutting modes. Subvolume 2 is red. The blue box indicates the section to cut, revealing subvolume 1 in grey.

Webinar for Micro-CT Users

There will be a 30 minute webinar for Bruker Micro-CT users on Wednesday 12th July 2017, demonstrating the new features of CTVox software and how to use them. Existing users can register here.

Further Information

Blue Scientific is the official distributor of Bruker Micro-CT in the UK and Nordic region. If you have any questions about CTVox or if you’d like more information, please get in touch.

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Micro-CT instruments

 Contact us on 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com