Nordic AFM User Meeting – 26th September 2017

Registration is now open for our Nordic AFM User Meeting 2017 on Tuesday 26th September 2017 at Max IV in Lund, Sweden.

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The meeting will include:

  • Talks from invited speakers
  • Live workshop with the Bruker Dimension Icon high resolution AFM
  • Scientific poster session​
  • Updates on the latest AFM developments from Bruker
  • A tour of the new synchrotron ring at MAX IV

Click here for the full programme, with talk titles and timings.

Keynote Speaker

Rachel Oliver, University of Cambridge

Dr Rachel Oliver, University of Cambridge

Rachel’s research focuses on the characterisation and exploitation of nanoscale structures in GaN-based materials. The broad aim of her work is to achieve improved performance in GaN-based optoelectronic devices and to develop and implement new device concepts.


Rainer Timm

Rainer Timm, Associate Professor, NanoLund, Lund University

Rainer’s research focuses on the atomic-scale characterisation of semiconductor nanostructures, especially III-V semiconductor nanowires, including analysis of the atomic surface structure, resulting local electronic properties, the chemical and structural composition of interfaces, and in-situ studies of such nanostructure properties during device operation.

Peter de Wolf

Peter De Wolf, Applications Director, Bruker Nano Surfaces

Peter has been with Veeco/Bruker since 1998 and has become established as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of AFM based techniques. He currently holds the position of Applications Director for Bruker’s Nano Surfaces division, responsible for all aspects of applications related support and development work for Bruker’s AFM/SPM products.

Alexei Kalabukhov

Alexei Kalaboukhov, Assistant Professor, Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Quantum Device Physics Laboratory, Chalmers University of Technology

Alexei Kalabukhov received MSc and Ph.D. degrees in physics and mathematics from Moscow State University in 1998 and 2003. Since 2003, he has been with the Quantum Device Physics Laboratory at the Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteberg, Sweden. His main research interest is in bio-magnetic applications of high-TC SQUIDs. He is also actively involved in emerging field of functional oxide interfaces and oxide electronics. He teaches several courses in superconductivity, superconducting electronics and nanoscience at Chalmers University of Technology.

Jaroslav Lukes

Jaroslav Lukes, Applications Scientist, Bruker Nano Surfaces

Dr. Jaroslav Lukes graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague in 2006. He continued in doctoral studies focusing on nano- and micromechanical testing of biological tissues. Completing his PhD, Jaroslav Lukes took the position of Applications Scientist at Hysitron, Inc., which joined Bruker’s Nano Surface Division in January 2017. Since then, Jaroslav has been European Applications Scientist at Bruker based in Prague. He has been working in the field of nanoindentation for over 10 years with over 30 scientific articles and numerous lectures.

Scientific Poster Session

Share your work at the user meeting at our scientific poster session. We aim to present an interesting and informative selection of posters to encourage discussion, recognise synergies and show how AFM is being used across your fields of research.

Posters are welcome on all topics related to AFM. If you would like to present a poster, please tick the box on the registration form, along with the title and a brief abstract.

Mx IV, Sweden


Max IV is a Swedish national laboratory, set to build the brightest X-ray source in the world. The laboratory provides unique synchrotron X-ray tools for research projects in biology, physics, chemistry, environmental science, geology, engineering, pharmacology and cultural heritage, as well as industrial studies of raw materials, processing and new product development.


The date of this event has now passed – upcoming events are listed on our Events page.

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