Expanding Horizons: Thermo XPS Distribution Territory Expanded to Norway, Finland, & Iceland

Map showing the expanded Thermo XPS distribution territories in Scandinavia, highlighting Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, with Norway, Finland, and Iceland emphasized in relation to the expansion news.

BlueScientific is building on its success in the UK, Sweden, and Denmark with the distribution of Thermo Scientific’s XPS product range, which offers customers a solution to advanced surface analysis through X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy. We are delighted to announce that we are expanding our distribution territories to include Norway, Finland,¬†and Iceland. This news is significant for potential customers in these territories as they will now have access to these highly customisable solutions, plus our XPS specialist, who has hands-on expertise.

Overview of Thermo XPS Products

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy or XPS products are advanced surface analysis solutions that quantify the surface’s elemental and chemical composition. They are suited to a wide range of industries, including:

  • Energy
  • Forensics
  • Geology
  • Materials Science
  • Metal Analysis
  • Polymer and Composite Materials

Many features make Thermo Scientific’s XPS products stand out, including affordability, ease of use, high throughput and technical advancements, making them ideal for solving a wide range of materials problems.

The Thermo Scientific XPS range includes  K-Alpha, Nexsa, and ESCALAB. The K-Alpha system is an accessible and automated compact system that makes XPS a routine technique. It is designed to deliver high-quality results in a streamlined workflow without losing performance. The Nexsa G2 system is more flexible than the K-Alpha and offers seamless integration with other techniques, including Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS), UV Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) and Reflected Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (REELS). The ESCALAB is the most advanced XPS system, offering unparalleled versatility, including ISS and REELS as standard.

Benefits of the Expansion for the New Territories

BlueScientific’s distribution territory has expanded to Norway, Finland and Iceland. Hence, businesses and research institutions in this area now have easier access to Thermo’s XPS products aimed at solving a wide range of materials problems. The three systems available within this range are fast and efficient and will allow XPS to become a routine technique as users of all skill levels can add surface analysis to their portfolios.

Expertise Behind the Products

As customer service is so important to us here at BlueScientific, we are delighted to introduce our XPS specialist overseeing the expanded territory. She has hands-on expertise with Thermo XPS in her PhD and post-doc, giving customers in Norway, Finland and Iceland exceptional customer support and technical guidance.

Industries and Applications

Thermo XPS products can be applied in various sectors, including:

  • Research and Development. XPS is widely used in Research and Development (R&D) as it can quickly provide information about surface layers or thin-film structures.
  • One of the most common uses for XPS is to look at polymers, which can help manufacturers understand surface chemistry and identify potential contamination that could affect subsequent processing.
  • Quality Control. XPS is ideal for discovering surface impurities on materials, which can help the quality control process.
  • Environmental Studies. XPS systems allow customers to conduct high-throughput chemical surface analysis under application-relevant environmental conditions.

How to Learn More and Get in Touch

If you would like more information on the Thermo XPS products, we have plenty of resources on our website, including brochures and case studies. Or you can contact us directly with any enquiries or to ask for a demonstration or quote.


We are delighted that our success with Thermo’s XPS products in the UK, Sweden and Denmark has meant that our distribution territory has now expanded to include Norway, Finland and Iceland. This expansion will have a positive impact thanks to the broader availability of Thermo XPS products and access to our XPS specialist.

If you are based in Norway, Finland or Iceland and want to explore how these technically advanced systems can benefit your operations, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to schedule a demonstration. You can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep updated on our latest news and announcements.