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K-Alpha XPS (X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy)
Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific K-Alpha is a compact XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer) for high performance surface analysis. Designed to deliver high quality results from a streamlined workflow, with simple, intuitive operation and no sacrifice in performance or capabilities.


High resolution XPS

Full-featured system.

Fast and efficient

Easy to use, with automated workflows ideal for multi-user labs.

Ion source for depth profiling

Automated optimisation and gas handling for reliable results.

Makes XPS a routine technique

Users of all skill levels can add surface analysis to their portfolio.


  • Pinpoint areas to study
    A patented optical viewing system brings sample features into focus, and three cameras provide an unmatched view of the sample, making it quick and easy to locate areas of interest.
  • Focus on features of interest
    Select an area to analyse from 50 µm to 400 µm in 5 µm steps, fitted to your area of interest to maximise the signal.
  • Fast data acquisition and superior detection
    With optimised electron optics, hemispherical analyser and detector.
  • Self-calibration in minutes
    With a single button press, to ensure confidence in your data.
  • Specialist sample holders (optional)
    For angle-resolved XPS, sample bias measurements and inert transfer from a glove box.

Insulator Analysis

A single-click charge compensation system makes insulator analysis as straightforward as any other sample. Thermo’s patented dual-beam flood source is designed to prevent sample charging, with very low energy electrons and ions (less than 1 eV). This means that charge referencing is no longer necessary in most cases.

Depth Profiling

Go beyond the surface with an EX06 ion source. Automated source optimisation and gas handling ensure excellent performance and reproducibility.

Chemical State Imaging

Generate chemical state images of the sample’s surface. These can either focus on small features or the entire sample, as large as the complete stage. Thermo Scientific’s SnapMap feature adds fast XPS imaging for feature alignment and analysis.



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