Hysitron xSol High Temperature Stage Wins R&D 100 Award

Hysitron’s xSol high temperature stage has won a prestigious 2014 R&D 100 Award.

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R&D 100 Awards

2014 R&D 100 Award WinnerThe R&D 100 Awards, known as the “Oscars of Invention”, recognise and celebrate the top 100 technology products of the year. Entries are judged by outside experts, from professional consultancies, universities and industry, chosen for their expertise and experience in their specialist area. The awards cover industry, academia and government-sponsored research. Previous winners include consumer items, testing equipment, new materials, breakthroughs in chemistry, biomedical products and high-energy physics.

Hysitron xSol high temperature stage

Hysitron’s xSol High Temperature Stage integrated with the TI 950 TriboIndenter®

High Temperature Stage

Hysitron’s xSol High Temperature Stage is a new platform that enables researchers to make high-resolution nanomechanical measurements over a broad temperature range. This provides insights into microstructure-mechanical property correlations to processing conditions; information which is invaluable to many industries.

The Hysitron xSol high temperature stage is the only system available that delivers precise temperature control over temperatures up to 800ºC.

The heating system consists of two high-power core elements, either side of the sample. This creates a micro-environmental chamber that keeps both the sample and indenter tip at thermal equilibrium during indentation, which is crucial for reliable results. The microchamber can be filled with reactive or shield gas, for uniform measurement conditions without a complicated vacuum system.

The low-drift stage was specifically designed to enhance core the nanoscale characterisation capabilities of Hysitron instruments. xSol is compatible with in-situ scanning probe microscopes and nanoindentators, as well as nanoscratch and nanowear technology. Reliable and accurate time-temperature-superposition studies of viscoelastic materials and prolonged, elevated temperature creep experiments can also be performed.

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