ICTMS 2017: 26-30 June 2017, Lund, Sweden

Visit us on the Bruker stand at ICTMS 2017 in Lund, Sweden on 26-30 June 2017, and find out about our range of micro-CT instruments.

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Micro-CT instruments

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ICTMS 2017

ICTMS 2017 is the 3rd biannual conference of IntACT (International Association of Computed Tomography). The event focusses on 3D tomographic methods for non-clinical research into the internal structures of materials.

The conference is for scientists from universities, research organisations and industry worldwide:

  • Meet and discuss issues relating to 3D tomographic imaging in materials and structures
  • 4 days of presentations, in 2 parallel sessions
  • Dedicated sessions about geological applications (geotechnical engineering, geomechanics, soil mechanics and rock mechanics) and other specific materials
  • Poster sessions and displays throughout the conference


  • Tomography hardware, software and experimental set-ups
  • In-situ and in-operandi experiments
  • “Standard” and new modalities of tomographic imaging eg diffraction/refraction/absorption of x-rays, neutrons, electrons, etc
  • Tomographic reconstruction techniques
  • 3D and 4D image analysis
  • Case studies including applications to further the understanding of materials, structures and processes.


The conference starts with an ice-breaker reception on Monday 26th June 2017.

There will be 6 keynote lectures and 84 talks. An overview of the programme is available, and a more detailed programme.

On Thursday evening there will be a conference banquet, and there will also be visits to Lund and the sites of MAXIV and ESS, the new Swedish synchrotron facility and future European neutron research facility.


Register for ICTMS 2017 on the conference website. Book your place before 05/06/17 for the standard registration fee; after this date late fees apply.

Blue Scientific at ICTMS 2017

Visit us on the Bruker stand to find out about our micro-CT instruments, from desktop scanners to advanced research instruments. View the full range here…

Bruker SKyScan 1275 Micro-CT

SkyScan 1275

  • Automated, self-optimising micro-CT
  • Extremely fast image reconstruction
  • Scan at the push of a button

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Bruker Skyscan 1272

SkyScan 1272

  • World’s first scanner with >200Mp in each cross-section
  • Down to <0.4um isotropic pixel size
  • >2600 slices in each scan

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Micro-CT instruments

Register for the conference

 Contact us on 01223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com