Micro-XRF Workshop Tour – May/June 2017

Join us on our Micro-XRF Workshop Tour this May/June and find out more about analysing the structure and composition of materials with micro-XRF.

  • Glasgow – Tuesday 30th May 2017
  • Manchester – Wednesday 31st May 2017
  • Dublin – Thursday 1st June 2017
  • Cardiff – Friday 2nd June 2017

More about Micro-XRF

 Contact us on +44 (0)1223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com


Micro-XRF HyperMap

Combined element maps and maps for individual elements


  • 10:00 am – Coffee and registration
  • Introduction to micro-XRF, with a short demonstration
  • Buffet lunch
  • Live demonstrations using your samples – Bring your own sample and see the results!
  • Close around 3:30 pm

Micro-XRF Analysis

Measure composition and element distribution, generating a wealth of information:

  • Map elements with greater sensitivity than EDX.
  • Lighter elements can be measured in a vacuum.
  • No sample preparation – simply place samples on the stage.
  • Any type of sample – including inorganic, organic and irregular shapes.


Micro-XRF is used in a wide variety of fields to study the structure and composition of materials, including:

  • Geology: Analyse element and mineral distribution in large and small samples – more info…
  • Historic artefacts and paintings: Non-destructive analysis to reveal hidden secrets – case study…
  • Coating thickness and layers: Measure single/multiple layers and below the surface – more info…
  • Bioengineering: Including minerals in tissues – scientific paper…

All are welcome to attend the workshops, both from industry and academia. If you’re not sure whether micro-XRF is relevant to your area of work, please get in touch.


Max Buegler

Dr. Max Buegler

Max studied physics at the Institute of Technology in Berlin (TUB) and the Gergia State University (GSU) in Atlanta. During his masters the focus was on laser physics; at the TUB he wrote an ‘Investigation of the optical gain in group-III nitride semiconductors’. Afterwards he went on a 3 year research scholarship at GSU to investigate the growth of InN and InGaN epitaxial layers by HPCVD and their characterisation. Back in Berlin he graduated magna cum laude with a thesis on ‘Optical and structural properties of Indium-Nitride epilayers and their growth by High-Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition’.

Following a year as postdoctoral at the TUB he decided to leave academia and ventured into consulting with his personal undertaking ‘solidmetrics’. A year and a half into his undertaking he felt the desire to come back to science and joined Bruker, where he is now Applications Specialist for micro-XRF.

Andreas Wittkopp

Dr. Andreas Wittkopp

Andreas studied physics in Hamburg and graduated in 1986. He obtained his PhD in Physics from Bremen University in 1993. Since 1994 he had held several positions as Product Manager, R&D Manager and Senior Product Specialist for EDXRF and µXRF instrumentation at various companies including Röntgenanalyik, Veeco/NeXray, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Ametek/Spectro and Ametek /EDAX. Since 2012 Andreas is Business Manager Micro-XRF EMEA Region for Bruker Nano in Berlin, Germany.


The workshop tour has now taken place. For more information about micro-XRF please get in touch.

  • Tuesday 30th May 2017 – University of Strathclyde, AMRL (Advanced Materials Research Laboratory)
  • Wednesday 31st May 2017 – University of Manchester, School of Materials
  • Thursday 1st June 2017 – Trinity College Dublin
  • Friday 2nd June 2017 – Cardiff University

Bring a Sample to Test

The afternoon will be informal, with live demonstrations of micro-XRF using your samples. Simply tell us which sample you’d like to bring when you register for the workshop. Samples can be any type of material – inhomogenous, organic/inorganic, irregular shapes and even liquids. Follow the analysis step by step, explained by specialists from Bruker, and see the results first hand.

The instrument used in the demonstrations will be the Bruker M4 TORNADO, a fast, benchtop scanner suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The speakers will also be available throughout the day to answer all your questions.

Bruker Tornado Micro-XRF

Bruker M4 TORNADO micro-XRF spectrometer

 More about Micro-XRF

 Contact us on +44 (0)1223 422 269 or info@blue-scientific.com


Micro-XRF images