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Zabrafish Imaging with Micro-CT

Zebrafish Imaging with Micro-CT

How micro-tomography can be used in biomedical research for sub-micron 3D imaging to study zebrafish morphology, bone densitometry, tissue, histology and more.

How to measure individual grains with Micro-CT

How to Measure Individual Grains/Particles/Fibres with Micro-CT

Using Bruker’s watershed algorithm to separate grain-based materials with X-ray micro-CT – ideal for powders, fibres, geological samples, pharmaceuticals and more.

Micro-CT in Life Science & Biology

Micro-CT in Life Science & Biological Research

An overview of Bruker SkyScan micro-CT applications in life science, including in vivo/ex vivo, dental and bone research.

High Aspect Ration Tomography

High Aspect Ratio Tomography (Bruker HART PLUS)

New feature for scanning planar objects and samples with a high aspect ratio.

Bone morphometry with micro-CT

Bone Morphometry in Micro-CT: Separating Trabecular and Cortical Bone

A new method for automatic trabecular-cortical separation in micro-CT called the morphological escalator.

Bruker SkyScan 1273

New Bruker SkyScan 1273 Micro-CT

The Bruker SkyScan 1273 is a new micro-CT scanner for samples up to 500 mm length, 300 mm diameter and a maximum weight of 20 kg. This is a new standard for non-destructive testing (NDT) using a benchtop system. Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Bruker Micro-CT in the UK and Nordics (Norway, Sweden, […]

Helical Tomography

What is Helical Micro-CT?

An explanation of helical micro-CT (spiral scanning) and how it’s used in materials science and orthopedic research.

Selecting Complex Micro-CT ROI

How to Select Complex Regions of Interest in Micro-CT

In micro-CT 3D X-ray imaging, regions of interest are not always simple or regular. Often you need to select more complex regions. These ROIs can be selected automatically using two powerful plug-ins from Bruker: ROI shrink-wrap Primitive ROI Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Bruker Micro-CT in the UK and Nordic region. For more information or […]

Micro-CT Polymer Example

Bruker CTAn Micro-CT Software – New Features in v.1.18

Bruker are constantly updating their micro-CT software with new features and capabilities. Round-up of new tools and improvements in CTAn version 1.18.

Bruker SkyScan 2214 Nano-CT

New Bruker SkyScan 2214 Nano-CT

New Bruker SkyScan 2214 multi-scale nano-CT system, with a large field of view for scanning larger sized objects at ultra-high resolution.