Micro-XRF Workshop Videos (University of Warwick, November 2018)

Watch videos of the talks from our Micro-XRF Workshop in November 2018 at the University of Warwick.

Micro-XRF is an element analysis and mapping technique, that provides useful insights in a wide range of applications.

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Micro-XRF instruments

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Micro-XRF Element Mapping

Micro-XRF is a highly versatile analytical technique for mapping elements on a wide variety of materials. Recent developments have opened up a whole new range of possibilities. You can now analyse:

  • Light elements down to carbon – for the first time
  • Samples with topography with increased depth of field and enhanced resolution
  • Vacuum-sensitive materials with a He-purge system

This brings new possibilities in a whole range of fields, including geology, life science, energy, quality control and materials.

More about light element mapping

Practical Applications of Micro-XRF in a TEM Facility

Presentation from Dr Geoff West of WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) about how they use element mapping to analyse steel and superalloys:

3 Examples of Element Mapping in Biomaterials Chemistry

Dr Richard Williams explains how he uses micro-XRF at the University of Birmingham’s Healthcare Technologies Institute:

Why use Micro-XRF?

Dr Andreas Wittkopp from Bruker gives an introduction to element mapping and analysis, and how the technique compares to other methods:

Bruker M4 Tornado & Tornado Plus

An overview of Bruker’s micro-XRF systems, including new features of the Tornado Plus, which can detect light elements down to carbon.

Information Depth, Primary Filters and Diffraction Peaks

An explanation, with examples from Dr Andreas Wittkopp of Bruker.

Advantages of Micro-XRF

Quick summary of the strengths of micro-XRF as an element mapping and analysis technique.


Bruker Tornado Micro-XRF


The instrument mentioned in the videos is the Bruker M4 TORNADO:

  • Measure all types of materials
  • Sample sizes up to 600mm x 350mm x 260mm
  • Spot sizes down to 25 µm for high spatial resolution

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Further Information

Micro-XRF instruments

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Micro-XRF Applications

Micro-XRF can map elements on all kinds of materials – and recent developments have opened up even more applications. (Click to enlarge)