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Analysing Mineral Composition in Rocks

Analyse Mineral Composition in Geology and Mining with Micro-XRF

How to analyse mineral composition with micro-XRF, to understand the origin and formation of rocks in geoscience. This information is useful in various fields of geology and mining, including aluminium, steel, gold and diamonds. Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Bruker Micro-XRF in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. For more information or […]

Micro-XRF Workshop, Warwick

Micro-XRF Workshop Videos (University of Warwick, November 2018)

Videos from our micro-XRF workshop in November 2018 at the University of Warwick.

Micro-XRF on Sensitive Samples

Workshop: Latest Advances in Micro-XRF – University of Warwick, 12/11/18

Register now for our micro-XRF workshop on 12th November 2018 at the University of Warwick, to find out about new applications now that light elements down to carbon can be detected.

Bruker M4 TORNADO PLUS Micro-XRF for Light Elements

NEW: Detect & Map Light Elements Down to Carbon with the Bruker M4 TORNADO PLUS Micro-XRF

The world’s first micro-XRF system that can detect and analyse the complete element range from carbon to americium.

Large Elemental Distribution Maps

Large Elemental Distribution Maps with Micro-XRF

How to acquire large element distribution maps at high resolution, with the Bruker M4 TORNADO and Bruker M6 JETSTREAM micro-XRF spectrometers.

Micro-XRF Workshop

Micro-XRF Workshop at SCANDEM 2018

Register now for our pre-conference workshop at SCANDEM 2018 to find out more about micro-XRF elemental analysis and mapping.

Micro-XRF in forensics

Micro-XRF in Forensics Webinar 20/09/17

Micro-XRF is in many ways ideal for forensic analysis; find out more in Bruker’s webinar about analysing gunshot residue and small particles.

Bulk quantification of materials with micro-XRF

Micro-XRF Webinar: Bulk Quantification

Join Bruker for a webinar about different approaches to bulk quantification with micro-XRF, for those working in failure analysis, quality control, materials, metals and R&D.

Micro-XRF Workshop Tour

Micro-XRF Workshop Tour – May/June 2017

Join us on our Micro-XRF Workshop Tour at regional venues around the UK in May/June 2017. Talks about elemental analysis and live demonstrations testing your samples!

Analysing Coating Thickness with Micro-XRF

How to measure the thickness of coatings and layers with micro-XRF, a fast, accurate and non-destructive technique.