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Bruker S8 LION
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The Bruker S8 LION is a simultaneous WDXRF (wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence) spectrometer for industrial process and quality control in cement, minerals and mining. Analyse the elemental composition of your process samples, detecting up to 16 elements simultaneously. Precise, accurate results are ready in less than 60 seconds.

  • – Easy to use
  • – Fast analysis
  • – Precise results
  • – Extremely reliable


Designed for industrial use

Fast, reliable QC

Fast time-to-results

For high throughput

Easy-to-use touchscreen

Use without training

Protected from contamination

For maximum up-time


Cement Industry

In the cement industry, the S8 LION can measure free lime concentration in raw materials, intermediate compounds and final products. Reduce your CO2 emissions save on energy costs.

Protected Against Contamination

Bruker’s SampleCare technology ensures maximum up-time and productivity. The risk of instrument contamination is minimised by the tube-above-sample set-up. The sample is positioned with absolute zero tolerance, for the most precise results possible.

Why XRF?

Simulataneous XRF is the best and fastest analytical method for specific element analysis:

  • Easy sample preparation in minutes
  • Results are available immediately
  • Extremely precise, reliable data
  • Detect elements from ppm to percentage level

Detect Elements Relevant to your Industry

The Bruker S8 TIGER has 16 channels that work simultaneously for the fastest time to results. The channels are tuned for 26 elements that are the most important in cement, industrial minerals and mining, as well as a useful XRD free-lime channel.


  • Limestone
  • Raw mix
  • Clinker
  • Cement

Industrial Minerals

  • Alumina
  • Bauxite
  • Quartz
  • Dolomite
  • Iron ores
  • Zircon sands
  • …and more


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