Combined with TOPAS Rietveld analysis, XRD is a powerful technique for quantitative phase analysis of hotmeal, bypass, kiln dust, clinker and cement.

Perform direct phase analysis throughout the entire production process, from raw materials, intermediate products like hotmeal and dusts to clinker and the final cement.

Distinguish the Alite polymorphs M1 & M3 and quantify amorphous phases by the proprietary PONKCS method.

The Bruker D8 ENDEAVOUR is ideal for large factories measuring many samples a day.

Cement analysis
A dedicated method package for the Bruker D8 ENDEAVOUR is available for the cement industry.
Bruker D2 PHASER

Bruker D2 PHASER

For smaller operations, the Bruker D2 PHASER has a dedicated cement package. This includes factory-installed measurement and data evaluation methods for more than 10 raw materials, clinker and different cement types. Control production in the kiln as well as the mill mineralogy.