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3D Internal Imaging

Rock cross-section

  • Overview of micro-CT applications in geology and geoscience – Article
    • Porosity
    • Micro-structure
    • Composition
  • Benchtop micro-CT scanner for large, heavy objects eg drill cores: Bruker SkyScan 1273
  • Webinar: Micro-CT in geosciences – Watch a recording
  • Dynamic process imaging using 4D micro-CT eg weathering, movement of fluids, crystallisation – Article
  • How to select complex ROIs – Article
  • How to measure individual grains/particles – Article

SEM-Based Cathodoluminescence

Colour CL imaging can reveal geochemical processes – more details…

CL image of Quartz arenite
Quartz arenite, granitic and metamorphic source. Has well developed overgrowth cement with multiple zoning. Image courtesy of Dr. J. Schieber,University of Indiana. Taken with the Gatan ChromaCL2.
Cathodoluminescence image of sandstone
Quartz grains from granite and metamorphic source with low temperature quartz cement (bluish). There is a later (hotter) overprint (reddish) along grain boundaries in the overgrowth. courtesy of Dr. J. Schieber, Indiana University. Taken with the Gatan ChromaCL2 .
Cathodoluminscence image of zircon grains
Colour cathodoluminescence images of collection of polished zircon grains in epoxy mount; images acquired simultaneously using ChromaCL2 iBSED and field stitching software module. Many grains are highly zoned, and of a type that has been interpreted to be igneous in origin. Several grains also exhibit metamorphic rims.