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In-Situ EM Video Tutorials

In-Situ EM Data Processing Tutorial Videos (Gatan Microscopy Suite: GMS 3)

A series of video tutorials demonstrating how to use Gatan’s IS player, part of GMS 3 (Gatan Microscopy Suite) software for TEM/SEM.

Free Gatan GMS 3 Software

Complimentary Gatan GMS 3 Software During COVID-19 Lab Closures

Download a free copy of Gatan’s electron microscopy software if you’re working from home during COVID-19.

Digital Micrograph Scripting Workshop

Digital Micrograph Scripting Workshop at SCANDEM 2018

Register now for our pre-conference workshop at SCANDEM 2018 for an introduction to Digital Micrograph scripting in Gatan’s Microscopy Suite software for electron microscopes.