In-Situ EM Data Processing Tutorial Videos (Gatan Microscopy Suite: GMS 3)

A series of video tutorials demonstrating how to use Gatan’s IS player, part of GMS 3 (Gatan Microscopy Suite) software for TEM/SEM. Handle large in-situ datasets effectively, reduce file size, export videos and more.

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Processing In-Situ Data

The success of in-situ experiments depends not just on the experimental design but also on converting vast quantities of raw data into publication-quality results.

Gatan’s IS Player is a powerful set of data processing tools to help you focus on key results. It’s included in Gatan Microscopy Suite (GMS). IS Player makes it easy to perform tasks such as:

  • Opening and playing back large in-situ datasets.
  • Reducing data size.
  • Applying drift correction.
  • Filtering datasets with data or alignment filters.
  • Saving data as video.
Gatan Microscopy Suite Software

Gatan Microscope Suite (GMS 3)

IS Player is part of GMS 3, which is Gatan’s software package for electron microscope experiment control and analysis.

  • Guided workflow – Takes you through experiment set-up, execution and analysis.
  • User-friendly workspace – To help you manage and organise data.
  • EELS routines –  Easy-to-use, model-based EELS analysis for high quality results.
  • For experienced users – Complete control with DigitalMicrograph scripting.

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Video Tutorials

This series of quick tutorial videos is designed to help you use IS Player and take full advantage of the comprehensive in-situ platform that comes with Gatan in-situ hardware and software. The tutorials were put together by Ben Miller, In-Situ Applications Scientist at Gatan.

Getting Started

How to open an in-situ dataset in IS Player and an explanation of the dataset’s file structure.

In-Situ Video Playback

A demonstration of the data playback features available in IS Player.

Data Management: Spatial Reduction

How to reduce the size of an in-situ dataset size by cropping and binning in the spatial dimensions.

Live Data Processing and Visualisation

A demonstration of live processing and visualisation in GMS while playing back in-situ datasets.

Data Management: Temporal Reduction

Reduce in-situ dataset data sizes by cropping and combining frames in the time dimension.

Saving In-Situ Datasets

How to extract and save a new processed dataset from an existing in-situ dataset.

Exporting Videos

Save *.mp4 files videos from an in-situ dataset.

Complimentary GMS Software
During the lab closures due to the pandemic, Gatan are currently offering limited time complimentary licenses to their GMS 3 software, enabling you to continue work remotely. More details…

Instrumentation for In-Situ EM

We offer the full range of Gatan systems for electron microscopes, including all the instrumentation you need for in-situ experiments:

  • K3 IS Camera
    The world’s first counting, high-speed, large-format camera for in-situ microscopy.
  • OneView Camera
    Winner of the 2015 Microscopy Today Innovation Award. Captures 16 MP images and video.
  • Rio Camera
    CMOS camera setting a new benchmark for resolution, speed and ease of use.

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