New Partnership with Bruker AXS – XRD, XRF, SC-XRD, SAXS & Micro-XT (Nordic Region)

We’ve expanded our partnership with Bruker to offer X-ray analysis systems in the Nordic region (Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland). The range includes:

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Bruker X-Ray Analysis

Bruker is a worldwide leader in X-ray analysis. They have created numerous breakthrough innovations and continual improvements on established technologies, that were considered beyond reach only a short while ago. These include revolutionary detection technologies, high brilliance X-ray sources and multi-layer optics.

We are delighted to extend our collaboration with Bruker with the addition of the market-leading Bruker AXS products. The Nordic region is extremely important to our company growth plans and we aim to become a highly valued partner for our customers there. This will be achieved by supplying a range of instruments from leading manufacturers such as Bruker, combined with expert advice and guidance, which ultimately will enable our customers to become more successful and more productive in their work.
Dr. Stephen Badger, Director and Co-Founder of Blue Scientific

Product Range Highlights

We are offering the full range of analytical X-ray instrumentation, which includes these popular instruments:

Bruker D8 Advance


Flexible, modular XRD for powder, bulk and thin film samples in ambient and non-ambient conditions.

  • Various configurations available for specific applications.
  • Automatic optimisation features for the best quality data.
  • Three-in-one optics to accommodate all three of the most commonly used X-ray diffraction geometries.

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Bruker D8 Endeavour XRD


Powder XRD for quality and process control.

  • Various sample types can be handled simultaneously, including fine powders, small quantities, filters, clays, solids and environmentally sensitive materials.
  • Low detection limits.
  • Fast sample turnaround.
  • Automation options available, for sample preparation fed by conveyor belt or robot.

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Bruker D2 PHASER

Bruker D2 PHASER

Desktop X-ray powder diffraction.

  • For all powder XRD applications in Bragg-Brentano geometry.
  • Most compact and fastest, all-in-one amorphous and crystalline phase analysis tool available.
  • Portable and easy to use, with low running costs.

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Bruker S8 TIGER

High-end WDXRF spectrometer (wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence).

  • Process and quality control, and elemental analysis in research and development labs.
  • For industries including oil, lubricants, refinery, cement and mining.
  • Analyse all elements from Beryllium to Uranium in a wide variety of sample types.
  • Standardless analysis packages available for completely unknown samples.

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Bruker S8 LION XRF

Bruker S8 LION

Fast, simultaneous WDXRF for quality control in cement, minerals and mining.

  • Analyse the composition of process samples, detecting up to 16 elements simultaneously.
  • Results in less than 60 seconds.
  • Easy to use; no training required.
  • Contamination protection for maximum up-time.

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Bruker S2 PUMA

Benchtop EDXRF multi-element analysis

  • Fast sample composition analysis.
  • Measure a wide range of elements, from very light elements such as C, to heavy elements like Am.
  • Unmatched EDXRF detection limits, precision and speed.

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X-ray analysis instruments

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