Bruker EIGER2 R 500K XRD Detector

The Bruker EIGER2 R 500K is a powerful detector that speeds up and extends the capabilities of Bruker XRD systems. Watch a recorded 30 minute webinar from Bruker for a quick introduction to the new technology.

UPDATE: There’s now an extra addition to the EIGER2 R detector family: the EIGER2 R 250K – details here…

Watch the recorded webinar

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Recorded webinar & slides

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EIGER2 R 500K: Not Your Typical Jack of All Trades

The EIGER2 R 500K detector breaks the paradigm that “versatility comes at the cost of performance”. This 15 minute webinar will discuss the impact that the EIGER2 has had in the XRD community, with examples from various areas of materials research.

After the presentation, there will be an interactive question and answer session, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions.

Recorded Webinar

Watch a recorded webinar on Bruker’s website. You can also download the slides for reference:

Recorded webinar

Bruker EIGER2 R 500K XRD Detector

EIGER 2K 500K XRD Detector

The EIGER2 is a Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) pixel detector developed by DECTRIS, a leader in HPC detector technology. In collaboration with Bruker, the 2D detector seamlessly integrates into the Bruker D8 ADVANCE and D8 DISCOVER XRD systems.

This gives you a distinctive set of benefits for XRD:

  • High frame rate for 2D data collection in continuous scanning mode
  • Single photon counting without spatial distortion
  • Highest count rates and dynamic range
  • Switch between 0D, 1D and 2D mode

The detector is suitable for applications including:

  • Powder diffraction (XRPD)
  • Micro diffraction (µXRD)
  • Texture and residual stress analysis
  • Crystallite size determination
  • Thin film analysis with X-ray reflectometry (XRR) – more info
  • High-resolution diffraction (HRXRD)
  • Small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS and GISAXS)

Example: Powder XRD vs micro-diffraction in geology

The coordinated development teams at DECTRIS and Bruker have done a tremendous job. The result is outstanding synergy between the latest HPC detector technology and the most powerful and user-friendly XRD platform on the market, enabling customers to use the new EIGER2 R 500K seamlessly incorporated into our D8 diffraction solutions for many important applications.
Dr. Lutz Bruegemann, Vice President of Bruker AXS and General Manager of XRD

Further Information

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