New Bruker TStar TXRF for Ultra Trace Element Analysis

New Bruker S4 TStar Ultra Trace Element Analysis with TXRF

A new TXRF (total reflection X-ray fluorescence) spectrometer is now available from Bruker for ultra-trace element analysis in a broad range of fields, including pharmaceuticals, food and environmental monitoring.

The Bruker S4 TStar is specifically designed for trace analysis, to help users comply with increasingly strict industrial regulations:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Detect metal contamination and monitor catalyser elements in pharmaceutical production, to meet the new EU and US Pharmacopeia standards.
  • Food industry: New product development and quality control, including traceability and verification of raw materials in global supply chains.
  • Environmental: Contaminant control in wastewater, slurries and effluents.

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A Real Alternative to ICP

The S4 TStar features up to three different X-ray excitation modes and a high performance, large area XFlash® SDD (silicon drift detector) providing extremely low detection limits for all elements from sodium to uranium.

A variety of sample trays are available for quartz discs, microscope slides, silicon wafers and more. This means that the new TStar is extremely flexible, and capable of analysing solutions, suspensions, solids, wafers, cell cultures, smears and thin sections. Sample preparation is also much quicker and simpler than ICP-MS.

Bruker TStar Sample Carriers

High capacity of 90 samples and carriers for a variety of sample types

High Quality Data

Samples are protected from contamination with reduced internal air flow, integrated sample housing and stackable storage boxes. Throughout the entire process, the risk of contamination is minimised during preparation, transport and measurement  for the best possible data quality.

24/7 Operation

The Bruker TStar is designed for continuous 24/7 multi-user operation. This is ideal for industrial routine analysis, with automated batch processing and unattended operation for overnight use.

The automatic sample changer has a capacity of 90 samples, loaded using up to 10 sample trays. These can be changed while the instruments is running.

Quality Control Features

For quality control, crucial thresholds and confidence limits can be set.  If critical limits are exceeded, a warning is issued. The S4 TStar is also the first TXRF spectrometer that automatically runs QC routines in the background, with internal QA samples. Crucial system parameters are continuously monitored and adjusted, to ensure reliable results.

With the significant improvements in detection limits, combined with automatic QC routines, powerful software options, and the unique versatility in terms of sample types and carriers, the S4 TStar sets new standards in performance, automation and quality of benchtop TXRF spectrometry and can be considered an efficient complement, or a real alternative, to ICP-MS.
Dr. Armin Gross, TXRF Product Manager, Bruker Nano Analytics

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