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Renishaw InVia InSpect

Renishaw InVia InSpect: Raman Microscope for Forensic Trace Analysis

The Renishaw inVia InSpect is a new version of Renishaw’s inVia confocal Raman microscope, optimised specifically for use in forensic laboratories for trace chemical analysis.

Analysing trace metals with TXRF

Analyse Trace Metals in Biological and Medical Samples

Trace element analysis for biopharmaceutical, clinical & life science research eg iron, copper & more.

Analyse cell culture media with TXRF

Analyse Nutrients and Contaminants in Cell Culture Media with TXRF Spectroscopy

How to use TXRF trace analysis in biopharmaceuticals, to measure nutrients & identify contaminants in cell culture media.

Coal Power Plant

Detecting Impurities in Coal, Coke and Carbon Products with WDXRF

Trace element detection and analysis with WDXRF, for power plants, metal production and other industrial processes.

Ultratrace Element Analysis of Nanoparticles

Analysing nanoparticles with TXRF trace element analysis, with examples and details of experiment set-up.

WWEM 2018

WWEM 2016: Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring Conference, Telford, 2-3 November

Visit us on the Bruker booth at WWEM 2016 in Telford. UK conference about water, waste water and environmental monitoring.

Bruker TStar TXRF Ultra Trace Analysis

New Bruker TStar TXRF for Ultra Trace Element Analysis

New Bruker S4 TStar Ultra Trace Element Analysis with TXRF A new TXRF (total reflection X-ray fluorescence) spectrometer is now available from Bruker for ultra-trace element analysis in a broad range of fields, including pharmaceuticals, food and environmental monitoring. The Bruker S4 TStar is specifically designed for trace analysis, to help users comply with increasingly strict industrial regulations: Pharmaceuticals: Detect […]

Circuit contamination analysis

Contamination Control with TXRF – An Economical Alternative to ICP-MS

TXRF is a fast, simple and cost-effective alternative to ICP-MS, a technique commonly used for contamination analysis in laboratories.

TXRF Workshop

TXRF Workshop – 13 October 2015

Find out more about TXRF (Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometry) trace analysis and try it out using your own samples at our TXRF Workshop.