New Bruker S6 JAGUAR Benchtop WDXRF for Elemental Analysis

The S6 JAGUAR is a new benchtop WDXRF spectrometer from Bruker. A compact system for elemental analysis in a range of fields including materials research, quality control, minerals, mining, chemistry, petro-chemistry and cement.

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Bruker XRF instruments

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Bruker S6 JAGUAR

The Bruker S6 JAGUAR is a new benchtop WDXRF (Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence) spectrometer for elemental analysis, which closes the gap between floor-standing WDXRF and benchtop EDXRF systems. With a compact size, it delivers excellent performance together with easy-to-use “plug & analyse” functionality.

The speed and analytical flexibility of the S6 JAGUAR are unique in its class. Analytical precision and accuracy based on 400W excitation power in its small benchtop form factor make the S6 JAGUAR an excellent WDXRF analyser for industrial research and QC, as well as for academic and government research laboratories.
Dr. Kai Behrens, Bruker XRF Product Line Manager

Bruker S6 JAGUAR

High Performance / Compact Size

The S6 JAGUAR outperforms other compact WDXRF instruments, giving you the greatest sensitivity as well as high accuracy and precision. In addition to this, measurements are completed in half the usual time.

  • Compact WDXRF goniometer
  • Closely coupled X-ray optics
  • 400 Watt excitation power
  • Linear range of two million counts per second, with a solid-state HighSense XE™ detector

Range of Applications

The S6 JAGUAR is a flexible system with a wide range of applications including:

  • Quality control in industrial labs
  • Mining and minerals
  • Chemistry
  • Petro-chemistry
  • Cement
  • Materials research

Pre-calibrated application packages are available for minerals and cement (GEO-QUANT Basic™ and CEMENT-QUANT™) so you can start running samples straight away.

It can also be integrated easily into automated industrial laboratories, with the AXSCOM™ automation interface.

Bruker JAGUAR Sample Loading

EasyLoad tray for 20 samples and optional automation system.

Multi-Element Analysis

Detect multiple elements rapidly with up to four analyser crystals and two detectors. Elements can be detected in the concentration range from ppm to 100%. Up to 4 sample masks are available for various size samples. The compact WDXRF goniometer and HighSense detector deliver both sensitivity and spectral resolution, important for materials research.

Powerful Software

Set up experiments quickly with new SPECTRA.ELEMENTS™ software. Evaluate your results and present them as you need to with comprehensive reporting features.

Standardless quantification can be performed with Bruker’s  software SMART-QUANT WD™. Powerful fundamental parameter algorithms give you reliable results, even for unknown samples.

The system is controlled via the touchscreen, with intuitive controls. Simply select your application, name the sample then view the results.

WDXRF Software Interface

Easy touchscreen interface: View and print previous measurements with a searchable database.

Reliable System

Instrument components are protected by Bruker’s SampleCare™ technology, which ensures maximum up-time and low running costs for liquid and powder samples. Samples are loaded using Bruker’s EasyLoader™ sample handling system, for fail-safe operation.

Site installation requirements are minimal; the system plugs into standard electrical points and does not use compressed air.

Further Information

Blue Scientific is the official Nordic distributor for Bruker X-Ray Analysis instruments. If you have any questions, or if you’d like a quote or a demonstration, please get in touch:

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Bruker XRF instruments

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