New Bruker SkyScan 2214 Nano-CT

The Bruker SkyScan 2214 is a new multi-scale nano-CT system, with a large field of view for scanning larger objects at ultra-high resolution.

Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Bruker Micro-CT systems in the UK and Nordic region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland). For more information or quotes, please get in touch.

Bruker Micro-CT range

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Nano-CT Battery Image

Lithium-ion battery scanned at 900 nm voxel size.

Bruker SkyScan 2214

The Bruker SkyScan 2214 is a multi-scale X-ray nano-CT (computed tomography) system with unprecedented, ultra-high resolution. With a wider field of view for larger objects, nano-CT is now a practical option in industrial and academic research.

Acquire sharper images with excellent precision, with a unique X-ray source and detector geometry.

The SkyScan 2214 enables new capabilities in preclinical imaging as well. Its large field of view combined with true high-resolution allows a wide range of samples to be imaged ex vivo, offering artefact-free analysis of soft tissues, e.g. in lung imaging or tumour vascularisation. This top-of-the-line, new nano-CT system is also the ultimate tool in the growing fields of zoology and entomology, where very small objects can be studied with extreme precision.
Dr. Wulf-Ingo Jung, President of Bruker BioSpin Preclinical Imaging

Bruker SkyScan 2214

Modular Design

With a modular design you can use up to four detectors, and choose the most suitable detector types for your area of work. This means you can scan of a variety of samples types and sizes, rather than purchasing additional CT systems for different samples. The four detectors are field-upgradable, so you can tailor them to your requirements as they change in future.

The SkyScan 2214 requires virtually no maintenance, for maximum up-time and low cost of ownership.

Scan Larger Objects at Ultra-High Resolution

You can now scan larger samples at ultra-high resolution, with an unmatched field of view. Samples can be up to 300 mm in size.

  • >500 nanometer true 3D resolution for objects up to 12 mm
  • 60 nanometer achievable voxel size
  • 6 Megapixel (Mp) flat-panel detector
  • Three optimised 8/11 Mp cooled CCD cameras
  • Up to 8K x 8K pixels in every slice – 16 times larger than any other nano-CT
The SkyScan 2214 is a game-changer for ultra-high resolution nano-CT in the material sciences. Its superior high resolution for larger objects offers new opportunities for developers of composite materials, as well as for geology, where precision is key to determine porosity and grain size. In metrology, the precision of the SKYSCAN 2214 enables exact internal dimension measurements at the submicron scale. Ultra-high resolution is also critical for the development of lithium batteries and other energy storage devices.
Dr. Frank Burgaezy, President of Bruker AXS
Nano-CT image of shale

Shale scanned at 6.2 μm voxel size. Volume rendered 3D model, colour-coded to show local pore thickness.

Image Reconstruction

Comprehensive, user-friendly software is included for collecting data and advanced analysis. Spiral scanning acquires your data without distortion, which can then be reconstructed without artefacts.

The 3D reconstruction software is the world’s fastest – 10-100 times faster than traditional CT reconstruction algorithms.

Further Information

Blue Scientific is the official distributor for Bruker micro-CT and nano-CT in the UK and Nordic region. If you have any questions or if you’d like a quote, please get in touch:

Bruker Micro-CT range

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